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What film has had the most influence on you?

What movie left you thinking how beautiful or how cruel the world is? A movie which left a long impact?

  • Sep 18 2011: Haha! I truly gave it a thought, and the only movie I came up with is "Pulp Fiction". It's just such a brilliant description of life: You try to get around, and you do stupid things.
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    Sep 18 2011:
    Great concept. Great shooting. Great stories. Great animation. :) Just watched it today and it lifted my spirits about being a woman! Otherwise I may say: - my favourite book and film about it. - and another last favourite.
    Oh, I can go oooooooooooooon ... for days. - I can't resist sharing this 'cause I'm so looking forward to it.
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    Sep 18 2011: Cinderella, Peter pan, Charlie and the chocolate factory, well...walt disney movies.
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    Sep 20 2011: O I cant believe I forgot this one" Schindlers List" was a classic for me.
  • Sep 20 2011: I can not say there was "a film" that created such an impact on me or my life. I believe there were a few that at different stages of my life have played a role on the way my perception of the world was being conducted or at least satisfied my brains need for an escaped. "The Sound of Music" was my first film and the cinema experience that came along with the film is still was also the first time I came across the issue of war. Later was "Lawrence of Arabia" action, war and drama from a different perspective .... "Close Encounters...." made me believe there could be others out there and Star Wars made of me a rebel with convictions..... 007 a secret agent, " Indiana Jones" an explorer. Matrix gave my world a multiverse perspective and Brokeback Mountain ended the tabu.... Many more could be named. All in all, it was a combination of ingredients - age, location and mood that allowed to some extend these and other films be part of my life.
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    Sep 17 2011: No movie in recent memory has impacted me as deeply as 'Incendies' a movie by a French Canadian director, Denis Villeneuve. It is in French with English subtitles. It is the story of the life of a woman who emigrates to Canada after being imprisoned in a jail in the middle east. Its message is that all violence that we do to another boomerangs on us and on our own families.
    It shows how cruel the world can be but it also shows the way out. Another would be the 1930s movie 'The night of the hunter" directed by Charles Laughton.

    Recently, I realized that the movies of my childhood shaped my morality. Its a wonderful life, A Christmas Carol, and films by Frank Capra.(And much later, Groundhog Day reflected my hope so well).

    PS Thanks so much for the link. It is a TED talk that I do not remember seeing before.
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    Sep 17 2011: Recently . . . Adam's Apples. A dark comedy that can cause weeping. It is a 2005 Danish film directed by Anders Thomas Jensen and revolves around the theme of the Book of Job, though no matter your religion, or lack-there-of, is worth seeing.
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    Oct 5 2011: Leon The Professional has been my favorite movie since I was 10 years old. In a weird way I could really relate to the main character, who was also a little girl, Mathilda. It stuck with me ever since on a very personal level.

    Regarding the world, the thing that sets me thinking a lot of times, is not a movie but a tv show called Fringe. It's all about possibilities, limitations, chances, about who we are, could be or could have been. It's just so much food for thought, and there is so much to discuss.
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    Sep 29 2011: a tie between waking life and children of men. both scared my brain and my waking self for the best/
  • Sep 29 2011: Streetcar named desire... is my favorite movie, it affected me in a way I had never imagined, I like movies by Elia Kazan. Among Berman's movies, Autumn Sonata, Persona is my favorite. But the movie closest to my heart is streetcar, there was a time when I would watch that movie everyday, even now I stuck on it.
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    Sep 20 2011: Eraserhead left me thinking how weird the world is. Or how weird David Lynch is anyway.
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    Sep 20 2011: "Waking Life" Blew my mind. Well ,there is alot of independent scenes and stories going on in it some of them arent as good as others but my favorite is the "Bar scene". O and "Mothlight". Stan Brackage was an experimental filmaker so it doesnt really have a plot. But I just remember thinking when I was it that I really admired how he saw the world and brought it to life through his short films.