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What film has had the most influence on you?

What movie left you thinking how beautiful or how cruel the world is? A movie which left a long impact?

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  • Sep 20 2011: I can not say there was "a film" that created such an impact on me or my life. I believe there were a few that at different stages of my life have played a role on the way my perception of the world was being conducted or at least satisfied my brains need for an escaped. "The Sound of Music" was my first film and the cinema experience that came along with the film is still unforgettable....it was also the first time I came across the issue of war. Later was "Lawrence of Arabia" action, war and drama from a different perspective .... "Close Encounters...." made me believe there could be others out there and Star Wars made of me a rebel with convictions..... 007 a secret agent, " Indiana Jones" an explorer. Matrix gave my world a multiverse perspective and Brokeback Mountain ended the tabu.... Many more could be named. All in all, it was a combination of ingredients - age, location and mood that allowed to some extend these and other films be part of my life.

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