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You wake up today and you have reached the life of your dreams. What is it like ??

Describe your environment, and what is in your life.


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    Oct 5 2011: Hi Juliette,
    Interesting question cause I have really reached the life of my dreams. I reached a state of higher several years ago when I started to write and I know I will never leave that state anymore. From that day I consider it as my only task to be open–minded for the arrival of the right inspiration. For me, writing is a continuous process of intuitive contemplation, evaluation and questioning. A process in which my motivation lies, in a deep longing for truth and union with the higher. I try to offer valuable alternatives to the limitation of our insight and against the extreme selfishness shown by many people. The themes that I discuss can be divided into three categories: a just mode of life in which respect is shown for all people and all cultures worldwide; a responsible behaviour that goes against the powers of a ravenous industrialization; a harmonious walk of life that is able to lead to a worldwide spiritual awareness.
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      Oct 5 2011: Hi Alex - Once again I wake up today and receive a gift like this.

      How thrilled I am to know that you are living the life of your dreams. And that you "will never leave that state anymore". And how doubly glad to have you here, with these words which may serve as foot prints to follow.

      Thank you.

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