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We have to create the LINUX of school education for the schooling process to change & become effective!

The idea applies to all developing nations which have a conventional and ineffective schooling/college system and produces unemployable graduates. While many attempts are being made to improve employ-ability at the college level, it can only be done early on. However, since the schooling system is government controlled or regulated in most places, we need to create a library of projects, methods, processes that make the learning process enjoyable & application oriented for kids age 3 - 17 and make it available for parents & teachers to freely download and use it. We must also aggressively promote the idea of using this para-learning system, create an eco-system of support resources for schools & institutions who want to adopt the system. When the system has adequate acceptance, there must be a certifying body which authenticates institutions that understand and practice the system well as well as have relevant infra structure.

  • Sep 24 2011: This seems to be a good idea. Lumiar schools ( here in Brazil have an excellent proposal. I would really like if more schools used their projects and philosophy.
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    Sep 20 2011: Thanks, Thomas! My idea doesn't restrict to teaching computing, but a universe of knowledge & skills using enjoyable & effective methodologies.
  • Sep 19 2011: I think you'll want to take a look at this website. This basically answers your entire idea (Sorry I didn't have time to read your entire idea but I thought you just might find this to be cool regarding LINUX computing), and it's happening in November: