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How can positive thinking become a universal part of our being?

My idea is to make positive thinking a part of human being, to make it a universal part of human being. What is common in all human beings. The body structure, eyes, nose, ears, hair. legs, heart, brain, etc. How can we make positive thinking a part of human being. Just imagine if it becomes a part of human being, what a wonderful place it would be to live.

Yes, this will not come when a baby is born because this is not natural. This has to come through a process, process which I and you will follow and help to nurture this thinking in new borns. This will be having in some families, but I am talking about each family in this world. This will happen only when development happens in all areas, viz technology, infrastructure, economy.

What we see, hear, do, read affects us. We will have to change our surroundings to make it better. We have to talk positive, see positive things which afects our mental state. We have to read good books, watch good movies, and this wll attract people to do same. Slowly it will take the whole world into it and probably we can see a bright and a positive world around us.

This will ensure our coming generations will have this positive thinking blended in their genes when they are born.


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    Sep 19 2011: This is Good but more importantly..is to accept the God given challegnes & with all the aydacities handholding of the people We see arund & at least with our experience & knowledge plunge for the sake of it...

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