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How do you measure passion?

How can employers measure an employee/applicant's passion for the job?

I read an article in a magazine advising employers on how to be as empirical as possible when sifting through CVs and suggesting what boxes to tick. None of the boxes mentioned had anything to do with having the passion for the job.

The practice of ticking boxes has lead to people simply ticking the boxes just to get ahead, regardless of how passionate they are about it, seeking the money and not urged on by the need to do the job and enjoy the effects of the work done.

Most of the time the best for the job is not the most competitive, and those who are the most competitive are not always the best for the job and have no passion. The result is a total waste of potential of those who actually are in it for the right reasons.As someone pointed out on an earlier post,Edward Debono called this "ludecy". - the ability to play by the rules of the system for maximum personal gain.

But what is the alternative? You can't just say you are passionate about the job. So is there any way for an employer to measure the passion of an applicant?


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