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How can we create an “ideal world” beyond considering it as a utopian concept?

Most of the time we fold the conversation on ‘creating an ideal world’ by tagging it as a utopian concept, however taking the opportunity here, I would request all of you to think beyond any boundary to create a roadmap towards an ideal world. Share your ideas and help me untag this very important objective of creating an ideal world from being utopian.

I believe nothing’s impossible; it’s just a matter of right amount of time and correct direction. If we start now, we may not be here to see that perfect world but who knows this basic question here might trigger the chain of events for that ideal world.

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    Oct 16 2011: Thank you all for replying.

    @ Simon Tutek: I’ll go thru blog in detail but I think so too that entire replacement of this current currency / money based system with some other system might help us create an ideal world.

    @ Mss Turtle: Education is very very important but trust me I have so many educated idiots. I am sure people behind Wall Street mess are all well educated.

    @ Debra Smith: Agreed. But just like Geneva Conventions, we might need to re-establish your proposed ideas after they are implemented. How can we ensure that these noble systems are never jeopardized?

    @ Ed Schulte: Ego might solve a lot of problems but is surely not an answer to create an ideal world. Secondly it’s more on the philosophical side than on the practical note, let’s suppose if we keep it as a benchmark, who will teach individuals to let go off their ego because we can’t be sure of if someone has a self realization about it.
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    Oct 16 2011: I am starting a project that is a combination of direct democracy and a friend2friend currency.

    The goals of the new value system:
    * retain the good parts of the invention named money
    * the value in the new system has to be unlimited, but it also has to retain value
    * the new system has to be inclusive, it has to let anybody to participate
    * the new transactions will always be traceable, thus easing crime and abuse detection
    * the value in new system has to be immune to stealing
    * the new system has to prevent unnecessary global financial turbulences
    * the new system has to increase personal freedom of participants
    * the new system has to reduce systematic abuse by enforcing direct and personal responsibility

    If you are interested in more info check it out:
  • Oct 15 2011: Hi, yes it might be somehow utopian but every project in the end brings a conversion rate or a measured % so in this case whatever would be the result, it would be automatically defined as an achievement and the world would be better than it is today. My deepest belief is based on the concept that we must invest on people's education to become a better human being. It might be a big task but it has a snowball effect and if you are able to bring awareness and consciousness to one person you might be helping a couple more than the line. Keep pursuing your idea, you might not know but you probably have already impacted somebody.
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    Sep 16 2011: It is time for more utopian concepts but we should rename them to be more approachable and less dismissable. They are after all, the highest best case outcome. Without the goal of the mountain top to navigate by, how will we ever climb to higher ground? Cynicism is popular today but I think it is a cop out for people who would rather do nothing anyway or who are demoralized.

    Here is my preliminary roadmap:

    1) Implement the strategies from Josette Sheeran's well constructed UN plan to eliminate hunger (see her amazing TED talk). This will save a lot of human lives, ensure the early brain growth for all children of the world and give us all hope. Once we defeat world hunger we will begin to believe all of our other dreams and visions for a better world are possible.

    2) Work to re-establish the world wide commitment to the Geneva Conventions in every country of the world. Expand them to protect all children under the age of 5 from all warring parties. Any child that is killed should be reported, explained and compensated for monetarily. The compensation is to make unfeeling war machines face a consequence if their hearts are callous enough to allow that death in the first place.

    3) Establish a world wide media independent outlet whose carter makes it clear that their responsibility is to the people of the world and the truth. It needs to have the good faith backing of people who are invested in a good outcome for the planet. We need a credible and unassailable version of Wikileaks where real people with genuine information can share the truth with the world. This is crucial because countries with big armies and aggressive agendas are rolling their war machines on bearings of propaganda. We need to take out those ball bearings and expose them for the lies that they truly are. PR has become a way of doing business for governments and for corporations and it directly opposes the best interest of the common man.

    I will continue to think about the task you have set.