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How can we create an “ideal world” beyond considering it as a utopian concept?

Most of the time we fold the conversation on ‘creating an ideal world’ by tagging it as a utopian concept, however taking the opportunity here, I would request all of you to think beyond any boundary to create a roadmap towards an ideal world. Share your ideas and help me untag this very important objective of creating an ideal world from being utopian.

I believe nothing’s impossible; it’s just a matter of right amount of time and correct direction. If we start now, we may not be here to see that perfect world but who knows this basic question here might trigger the chain of events for that ideal world.


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  • Oct 15 2011: Hi, yes it might be somehow utopian but every project in the end brings a conversion rate or a measured % so in this case whatever would be the result, it would be automatically defined as an achievement and the world would be better than it is today. My deepest belief is based on the concept that we must invest on people's education to become a better human being. It might be a big task but it has a snowball effect and if you are able to bring awareness and consciousness to one person you might be helping a couple more than the line. Keep pursuing your idea, you might not know but you probably have already impacted somebody.

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