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With the Baby Boom era drawing to the senior part of it's lifespan is it a burden or an opportunity?

As many of the Baby Boomers are going into their twilight years what will we learn from them? Will we see them as a burden on society or will we see them as a huge resource on knowledge and learning? Will we dismiss this generation without a second thought or will try and harvest the wealth of knowledge they have gained over the last 60 years?

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    Mar 3 2011: As much as I appreciate the technological and societal benefits that baby boomers generated for the world, I think in the end of it all, it would be a burden for younger generation for two reasons. Firstly, environmental, as baby boomers leaving the world for future generation in the worse state that they received it themselves. Secondly, baby boomers stole the future wealth from us, they ruined our economic prospects. Let me explain, while kudos to old folks for extending their lives to 75+, all those health bills would be forced onto smaller population of their children.

    Basically, I would be working a chunk of my life to pay health bills of my parents/other baby boomers? Is that fair? Me and my university friends don't think so.

    Another example, is my university where with every year the pension contributions are getting bigger and bigger for retired faculty. Guess whose paying for it? Us, students. Oh, and by the way, if our dear unionized workers don't get their 3% raise, they go on strike for the whole semester. It just seems that baby boomers got an easy ride for their lives, and they just don't want to give up their lifestyles and just make future generations to pay for them.

    In the end of it all, I think that there can be a compromise between two generations which would involve pensions reductions of baby boomers, and younger generation subsidizing the rest.