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What better teaching and better marketing have in common?

I've heard Jeniffer Louden recently saying that "Some of the world’s most masterful marketers are, first and foremost, master teachers ". It echoes Dan Mayer's statement here at TED: "I teach high school math. I sell a product to a market that doesn't want it but is forced by law to buy it."
I see a strong point here, and it made me wonder what qualities marketers and teachers have in common, to assist them being better at what they do.
I appreciate your share, looking forward to hearing your opinion.


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  • Sep 17 2011: Marketers convince people why they need a certain service or product. Great teachers do the same thing; they can convince their students that the material they are learning will benefit them. If the teacher can address the "why" in students' perceptions, then they can teach them anything. Both teachers and marketers must know more than their content, or product. They must know why their audience needs it and model how they can use or apply that content/ product.

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