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What better teaching and better marketing have in common?

I've heard Jeniffer Louden recently saying that "Some of the world’s most masterful marketers are, first and foremost, master teachers ". It echoes Dan Mayer's statement here at TED: "I teach high school math. I sell a product to a market that doesn't want it but is forced by law to buy it."
I see a strong point here, and it made me wonder what qualities marketers and teachers have in common, to assist them being better at what they do.
I appreciate your share, looking forward to hearing your opinion.


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    Sep 17 2011: You all have good points, you really do.
    I've been thinking... at school I loved maths - because of the teacher who taught it.
    She was absolutely great. She knew my name not from a register, she looked me in the eye, when talking to me, her eyes were always smiling, she was curious about my opinion and she really listened to my feedback, - I mean she reacted, deliberated. She was very strict at times, but also great fun. When she used to come into the classroom, it felt like she didn't come to push the topic into our heads, - she came to discuss with us why would this topic make sense to us. That's why I liked her and her subject. Same probably with all the rest of my class. We were raving fans of maths. When the teacher left, I stopped loving maths - with a new teacher it was nothing but boring.

    So, I am saying that personality is important, in both professions: a better teacher and a better marketer. What I said above about a teacher - this could be said, word for word, about a good marketer. If you want people to love your "subject" - you better be passionate about it, be interested in your audience and love what you do as the daily routine. You fake yours - you lose it. You ignore my personality ( as your student, or your customer) - you lose me. You recognize me, you make me a focus - you win.

    How to do it - another big thing in common: knowledge of psychology and sociology is a must for both professions.

    Also, a better teacher is always prepared: audience profile, message, ways to deliver, strategy, and a plan B. To me, the same counts for a better marketer...

    I think it would be interesting to have a couple of case studies of successfull marketing compaigns from this point of view.

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