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When was your 'Eureka' moment?

Eureka! From Archimedes stepping into the bath, to finally understanding that math conundrum at school, to finally working out what you want to do with your life. We have all experienced that Eureka moment at some time or other. To each and everyone of us, it was a profound moment that might have changed our day or even our lives, but affected us as individuals and probably those around us too. It may have been as a result of an external situation that you may have had to accept or one that you were in control of and managed accordingly. So why not share that moment and it may help others to understand there Eureka moment too. Mine? well that was when I realised that the path my career was going to head down was not the one I wanted and I wrestled with the decision to break out on my own. The 'Eureka' moment was walking on a beach at sunset when everything became clear and I knew then, that the path I was about to take was the right one. Eureka!


Closing Statement from Wayne Roberts

Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to support this question and posted their thoughts. It has been a great experience and I think alot of information, thoughts and insights have been placed up here. Sorry I didn't get to post this before it closed.

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    Sep 20 2011: I am waiting for mine ... in progress... hope i get it right !!! so far the journey is amazing ...
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      Sep 22 2011: You may have had one and just don't realize it as yet. It sometimes took me months before I realized I had done something I didn't think I could do, or experienced something that was life changing. You just don't know you've changed until you reflect on it later.

      Enjoy the ride.
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        Sep 23 2011: hmmm... no. The kinda person I am I would know for sure... Never took challenges and in fact I never noticed them... but until recently...

        So ya, the ride is exciting and am having fun...
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          Sep 24 2011: Don't worry about getting it right, either. If it's a Eureka moment, it's right. Even if it is that you shouldn't do something again, it will be right.

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