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Do we really need Royal Families and their regencies? Why dont we just dismiss them?

I was digging some research on Chavez and saw a political debate between him and Zapatero ( PM of Spain) and then suddenly the king of Spain interrupted and told Chavez to shut up just like he owns the place.

Who the hell he is? How can he talk in the name of the Prime minister of Spain? It is same in all over the world in Thailand's head of the state and head of the army salutes the king on their knees ( they dont kneel they literally walk on their knees) British royal family spends millions of pounds just for their horses every year.

Japanese Emperor is seen as semi-god by the law and when he addresses people on TV they consider it at as a great favor. Who is favoring who?

Whats wrong with these people?. We don't live in the dark ages anymore. Why don't they dismiss those thrones and let these human beings take care of themselves by simply working as we others do.


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    Sep 16 2011: I think they have their purpose. Look at Germany for example, they only have a "Bundeskanzler" or Prime Minister and no royal family. The PM of Germany has to travel the world and make his face known to the world in order to be taken seriously, but by the time everyone knows him his/her term is up and there might very well be another PM.

    When you have a royal family (as we do in the Netherlands), then you have someone who is known by other countries and who can act as a go-between. We have laws that discern that the royal family doesn not have its own opinion in these matters and is obligated to say what the PM wants them to say. It saves a lot of time not having to travel the world and making themselves known, time they can spent trying to govern the country.
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      Sep 16 2011: I think your royal family is the only useful one. But still it is a bit bizarre to have a royal family in order to ease governments foreign affairs.

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