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They've builed an app to detect potholes on a road called Street Bump. 1 - Make it global. 2 - report accidents 40mph+ instantly to 911.

They using your phone accelerometer and GPS data to see where the potholes on the road. It's simple when your car hit the hole - your phone track coordinates and the uploads data to their server so mayor knows where are problems with pavement. (see more details on

What I propose:

Use this app on a client side
But make it report data to a global persistent storage to be available for Bostonians and for everybody in the world. It's a simple Geo Mash Up. Russia spending so much money on the road construction and maintenance and up to 80% of them goes to corrupted government. If president can view the situation in a real-time it will dramatically improve situation. And let's think globally. Why they make this app to be available for Bostonians only?

And let's imagine how much lives this app can save if it would be able to report a car accident happened on a speed of 50+ mph instantly to 911 even before someone called them.

Let's make it global. Let every city benefit from it!

  • Feb 17 2011: I think it is important to start small. You're dealing with a lot of data that has to be re-directed to the proper contacts at specific cities, counties, and department of transportations (and there are lots of cities out there). StreetBump will be interesting since Microsoft and MIT attempted to work with accelerometers and failed to succeed due to so many variables (type of cars and shock absorbers, phone on left side but pothole on passenger side, manholes that feel like potholes, construction areas with bad roads but not necessarily potholes).

    I've started a nationwide pothole initiative and hope to take it global with time. The system helps citizens report potholes without having to fill out lengthy online forms or having to call in and be put on hold. I am curious what you think of it.

    As for accidents, car manufacturers should have something in place and I believe i just saw a commercial where one car company is calling 911 and providing gps coordinates upon airbag release.
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    Feb 15 2011: Actually I've already wrote the product specification and development is about to begin. Share ur ideas to make it better. Thanks. Criticism and comments are welcome.
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    Feb 15 2011: Anybody living in Montreal, Quebec will totally agree with this idea! We need this ASAP.