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Is arts education something that should be school/ government supported, or community supported?

Time and again, arts programs have been shown to have enormous impact on students, helping disenfranchised students connect and grow and students across the board blossom and understand the interdisciplinary nature of music, theatre, dance and visual arts.

As arts programs are cut due to alarming budget shortages, should we reconsider where youth arts programs run? Since schools have less time, space and resources to run quality arts programs, is it better to look at the advantages community-based arts have for students? Is it best for the schools to ensure that every student has a chance to engage in the arts, or do students better connect with their communities when they take part with people closest to them?

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    Sep 24 2011: It is not only budget shortages that are reducing or eliminating arts programs but the very industrial nature of education. They do not see the arts as a viable career but more as a play time, an elective as it were. Yet, the very nature of the arts shows up in math, architecture, cooking, clothing, road building, community planning, physics, chemistry etc. To get to the heart of the question it should not be an either/or question but school, community, and home might do well to support the arts. If we do not we will surely have lost creativity and fun in our children and in some sense in ourselves.
  • Sep 15 2011: Art should be integrated in schools; since it is a valuable way to foster creativity. As for who should fund it, that is a more difficult question.

    Because of the budget shortages for schools, such programs get overlooked. It would do the youth good if the communities try and make up the difference, and provide creative stimulation for students. Such stimulation would have profound effects on the youth, that would manifest almost immediately.

    Without a balance between state funding and community funding, such programs will not fare well or make any noticeable impact.
  • Sep 17 2011: Art, in it's various forms, has been with us since we came out of the trees (or there abouts). Being that I am an artist of the visual sort, I know how much math plays a huge part in it. I also teach art in my home to all ages. Taking art of any kind out of the schools is a huge mistake. When you look around you & see all the things that are human made: Thank an artist. When you listen to music that lifts your soul & causes you foot to tap: Thank an artist. Seeing a play that also excites the senses: Thank an artist.
    Most (but not all) artist spent years perfecting their work from an early age & I hate to think of all those will we lose when schools drop the arts from their classes.
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      Sep 24 2011: Take a look at Ken Robinson's work on TED he would agree with you.
  • Sep 15 2011: I believe that art in schools fosters creativity which is desperately needed in most if not all job fields.

    To this end, I believe that art and creative endeavors should be incorporated into every class.

    Students can work with musical, CGI or CAD programs in their computer classes. Math can be taught in conjunction with analytical projects that encourage students to build the largest structures with the least amount of resources... etc.

    I think art and creativity in general can be integrated into almost any classroom setting at almost every level and cost spectrum.

    In the end, having more art in the classroom comes down to the creativity of the faculty members.

    Otherwise, there are always the parents...
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    Sep 15 2011: Both I think. Because art should not only be a part of performers' life but also be a part of audience's. Maybe state should support the youngsters who have great talent on art in order to bring out their true potential with proper education and motivation while community should create a zone of collaboration to draw attention to art and its surroundings.
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    Sep 15 2011: During my time in high school i enjoyed art class. I believe arts education should be something the school system should support for the simple fact that students express themselves by using arts and other extracurricular activities. If the school system would just be about core classes there would be a higher drop out rate but since I'm getting off topic that is my opinion about art education...