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What "belief systems" seem to reoccur through out history? In religion, philosophy, and others. Why?

My answer: I find the philosophies/religions in the majority revolve around humanism. The idea we should treat others the way we want to be treated is as old as humans writings on walls. I find that the human NEED of practicing humility is in every major religion is no coincidence.

Christian/Muslim - Behaving as a "Prophet" to be with "God"
Buddhism - Following the path of Buddha and/or creating one's own path to "enlightenment"
Confucianism - Champions the "golden rule" to be equal
Taoism - The idea of balances to individuals as well as society to allow the "golden rule"

Religions taking their own paths to being humanitarians is no "chance" nor is it "fate"... It is because we all want the same things in relation to the hierarchy of needs.. We all want food, shelter, acceptance, "love", to fulfill a self-prophecy, and respect. We have a pattern to our behaviors and to look at them as being human and not as being "unique" allows you to share more with others. No one is truly unique, but everyone is human..


What do you believe are reoccurring themes of religions and philosophies throughout history? Which stand out the most and why? How do they relate? How do they differ?

Belief system - the patterns in which you follow in reflection to one's morality and/or considerations.

Examples: Atheism, theism, gnosticism, naturalism, humanitarianism, ignosticism, probablism, etc, etc, etc..


This conversation needs to get emotional or it is not truly a belief-based conversation.


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  • Sep 15 2011: According to me, its in the minds of people on what they think and how they act.

    Nothing seem to be religion matters. And even if it is prevailing , let it be with them and we never want it to impose on others.

    Olden times ofcourse, our ancestors followed all such religious thoughts and wanted us also to follow the same. But the trend at present is changing in fast pace as every single human is pondered by his own ways.

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