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Who is responsible for what is happening in society triangle (people-elite-govrenment)?

If we see every society as triangle with 3 key points. tax-paying working people, elite and country itself we could agree that only way to have healty society is with unsuppressed flow of goods through all 3 key points. Working people ahould pay tax and finance govrement institutions led by elite and politicians who should (be smart) use it to create stabile enviroment and institutions that could again provide for tax-paying layer of societe ( minus "few yachts" in process :)) . I am not talking about everyone having same amount (communism), i am talking about not having starving neighbor within same country where we have billionaires and about having quality stream of goods and services. I agree that smarter and more capable should have more but is it like that?
Since lot's of societes does not work like that, even among developed country (most of the money and goods stays within elite or their 'network") who is here to be blamed? Are really polititians only to blame or are they just face used for spitting on it when tax-paying citizen needs someone to blame? I mean, politicians are not aliens, they are our neighbors, friend, and colleagues, just as taikuns ... we elected them and trusted them, right? Are we ordinary people guilty as charge for our stupid choice (if there is any at all) or is it elite or is it just in human nature to be like that? Is it elite duty to form our opinions through medias by telling us learn, educate, live healty, be compassionate or is it our duty to turn of TV when we see reality show or movies filled with blood and crime and to demand decent program?

What it takes to make triangle work again?

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    Sep 20 2011: The NGOs? perhaps we can start a coalition of NGOs to give our ideas more impact?
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    Sep 25 2011: It's simple man : everyone is on his own the society just allow us to be so .
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      Sep 26 2011: So it's one big plunder party, no triangle should exist or any kind of circulation of goods, "grab and run" approach? Do you at least support idea that in most of the worldwide countries criteria for selection should be better then they are now or things are just fine as they are? For example, society and economy climate could stimulate criminals since they are "stronger" species then regular people or on the other hand they could stimulate smarter, more educated, talented people - usefull people for society.
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    Sep 21 2011: I agree, NGOs are probably only way to do something useful but usually NGOs are depending on budgets that are assigned by other "entities", they are not fully independent. While they deal with children rights, traffic and general humanitarian work they are supported but soon as they start to jeopardize interests of big "players" they become either politicized or get funds cut. NGOs can have great impact on education of 'common man" and as a result people will choose and demand better - that should be there way, not directly confronting bad things. Learn children what is right and when they grow up and start voting they will realize on their own who is to be trusted or not. I think we, common people, also share some responsibility, usually we don’t care and don’t bother to think, we want someone to take responsibility for us. Politicians would do "better" if people demand better, they don’t care, as long as they are voted they will perform even ideally. But do we really “ask” for better world or our vanity just thinks we do?
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      Sep 21 2011: Srdjan, yes there is so much we can do as individuals and our digital age is enabling that in great ways. Perhaps NGOs that are more grassroots-based (we as individuals) and not only company sponsored. I think grassroots-based NGOs are growing but it has to form coalitions and alliances for it to have great impact.

      I think that our aspirations for freedom, justice and truth are not vanities. It is in our intrinsic nature to progress our human aspirations and expound our consciousness and awareness of our individual and global power to transform our personal and societal world.

      We seem to have similar aspirations and I'm developing a collaboration project to expound more of our individual power to transform our world perhaps we can build something together?
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        Sep 22 2011: We are building it right now :) and we will in future..and yes, there should be alliance of well-intentioned organizations. If we continue dreaming in this direction there should be defined part of every country budget strictly for this kind of alliances and projects where government has no influence at all, it should be hard-coded in set of laws. Motivation should be as you stated to "progress our human aspirations and expound our consciousness and awareness". These groupations should be led by publicly confirmed philanthropist with proven motif to help mankind. But i admit i don’t have solution how to prevent corruption in that area. What i know is that one of their mottos should be 'where other interests-based entities judged and/or acted we don’t take sides'. Do you have some idea where, how and in what way should philanthropists be involved in society?Where are boundaries of those activities if any exist?

        Just to give you most obvious example of what i ment: There are hundreds and hundreds of organizations and multi-billion budgets dedicated to help starvation in Ethiopia by donating food. But how many NGOs and budgets are there that help Ethiopia to claim water use in Nile? As you probibaly know reason why Ethiopia is starving is because Egypt is using all water in Nile. But who wants to confront Egypt and their complicated political position on the borders of Africa and Middle East? Who wants to disturbe sensitive political relations to other countries in the name of non-political needs of starving nation of Ethiopia? There are many examples, this is only one of them.