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Who is responsible for what is happening in society triangle (people-elite-govrenment)?

If we see every society as triangle with 3 key points. tax-paying working people, elite and country itself we could agree that only way to have healty society is with unsuppressed flow of goods through all 3 key points. Working people ahould pay tax and finance govrement institutions led by elite and politicians who should (be smart) use it to create stabile enviroment and institutions that could again provide for tax-paying layer of societe ( minus "few yachts" in process :)) . I am not talking about everyone having same amount (communism), i am talking about not having starving neighbor within same country where we have billionaires and about having quality stream of goods and services. I agree that smarter and more capable should have more but is it like that?
Since lot's of societes does not work like that, even among developed country (most of the money and goods stays within elite or their 'network") who is here to be blamed? Are really polititians only to blame or are they just face used for spitting on it when tax-paying citizen needs someone to blame? I mean, politicians are not aliens, they are our neighbors, friend, and colleagues, just as taikuns ... we elected them and trusted them, right? Are we ordinary people guilty as charge for our stupid choice (if there is any at all) or is it elite or is it just in human nature to be like that? Is it elite duty to form our opinions through medias by telling us learn, educate, live healty, be compassionate or is it our duty to turn of TV when we see reality show or movies filled with blood and crime and to demand decent program?

What it takes to make triangle work again?


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    Sep 20 2011: The NGOs? perhaps we can start a coalition of NGOs to give our ideas more impact?

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