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Instead of making life try to keep your own life!. Why materialistic science will always fail to explain life and death ??

Why sciences will always fail to explain life and death
the reason is simple
life= materials + non materials (orders of GOD)
man= body + soul
the soul is non materialistic stuff and is not subject to all aspects of materialistic sciences
materialistic scientists does not believe in soul as the part which make life kick off and her absense make us die
there is a piece of equation is missing for them
they assume this piece is materialistic that why they will always fail
instead of going back 4 billion years and assume some thing which we not sure about
let us try some thing we see is every day life which is death
death = man-soul
the time of your soul departure is been set by your Creator before the existence exist ,
the time it will not be postponed no matter what

if you are in doubt try to stop death
if you understand what is death you will understand what is life


Closing Statement from AbdelRahman Siddig

I think this conversation touch many people in painful area where they do not want to be touched
pain is an excellent alerting system its better to be in pain now and understand the root cause and get rid of it one and for all
Also the Admin choose to close the conversation before 14 days without any explanation
The question was clear but unfortunately there was to real debate
no one adopt the idea of All life ingredients are materialistic and support by evidence
read my comment on ted talk
before we claim we made life we have to understand what is life is?
not any replication or automation process should called a life
the secrect of life is beynod the materialistic world
science will not only fail in making life but in simple question of 5 years old how does the materials appear in the first place
most likely you did not undersatnd the challenge of the Quran
1- Create a fly I will excuse from this one beacuse its not only beyond your ability
but beyond the ability of the entire world if they gather to this purpose as Allah Said

2- get back what a fly snatched I think this very materialistic and simple one to meet with a nano technology device you should be able to achive but can't just to know this the word of Allah the Creator

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    Sep 14 2011: Wow, AbdelRahman Sidding this is the worst written comment I've seen on this website so far :(
    Grammar aside, what you're asserting is a very narrow scriptural assessment of things.

    1st - Science, does not exclude the existence of a soul out of spite to the Abraham religions and it is not a even remotely a matter of believe or disbelieve.
    Sciences like biology and psychology etc. do not fit a notion of a soul because there are no evidence for it's existence.
    I'm not saying there's no soul, what I'm saying is that the observable World does not necessitate the need for a a soul.
    Those sciences can make accurate and valid predictions without fitting in the notions of a soul which therefore exclude the validity of it's requirement in the first place.

    2nd - The notion of a soul is purely a Mediterranean invention which can not be seen in any similar form anywhere outside of the ancient Mediterranean religions and the Greek philosophies.
    That right there comes to show that the soul is not even an universal concept let along can it be viewed as the universal truth of things in the manner that you're describing it.

    I'm not trying to attack you, or your religious beliefs far from it, instead I'm trying to point out the dangers of the literal scriptural interpretation that you're asserting.
    There are many different ways to look at the world and many different cultures that exist and have existed, each with their own unique views and interpretations, all equally valid to those born and raised in them.
    And they are all beautiful and equally unique, don't shut yourself from them and their beauty, they can only enrich you and can not in any way lessen the beliefs you hold dear, but instead can only open your eyes for broader interpretations and inclusiveness to others.
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      Sep 15 2011: @Ivaylo
      I made my topic clear and I repeat again
      if the materialistic science have explanation of life and death please share with me to save my from old believe

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