Richard Karpinski

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Let's make a system for making these conversations clear and understandable.

How can we make our conversations make more sense?
-- Use issue mapping. *See "Dialogue Mapping" by Jeff Conklin.
How do we start issue mapping?
-- Ideas must be answers to explicit questions. That clarifies them.
How can we make this easy for discussants?
-- Use a wiki that requires that any idea or position must answer a question.
How does one support or oppose an answer?
-- Pro and Con arguments must respond to an answer.
Given a question and answer, can I propose an alternative answer?
-- Of course. More answers are aways welcome?
What if a question or answer is unclear?
-- Any word or phrase or whole question or answer accepts another question.
Could we vote about important questions or good answers?
-- That would be an interesting extension.
Are there examples of such systems?
-- See Compendium at
What would it cost to build such a system?
-- $8,437.19 but this answer may not be accurate.