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Something has got to give somewhere. How important is balancing life work with family life?

How do you think his older children came to terms with their father abandonment? Was that necessary to his success? Are they hurt by his younger daughters closeness? My heart goes out to them. Even great men can be total dicks.

  • Sep 16 2011: My father passed up many promotions so that he would have time for his family. I totally love, respect and miss him very much. He chose family over money but had the time to coach all of our baseball teams, you can't put a value on your family. I loved my dad very much and he made many sacrifices for us, not the least was work, he would rather be home with us. I couldn't have had a better childhood or life, I couldn't have had a better dad.
  • Sep 16 2011: Balancing the work life and the family life was not so important in the early humanity until the industrial revolution because this occured more naturally: most farms and enterprises were owned and operated by the family more or less completely, so the family interests and activity were intricated.
    In our modern societies, we have to reconciliate work and family by sharing things between the work life and the family life. One priviledgied way is that the goals of each life are, not saying the same but, interfering in complementarity. This is important for our idendity feeling, and to nurrish daily each other with affection.

    These old and modern alternatives are surely not the case of Adolfo Kaminsky and his family. Children apparently suffered from the father absence because of his work and strong involvment in his work. Yet, no sharing his forger activity with his family was a way to protect them and care (a litle) of them. Abandoning his children helped to his success thanks to the time he was able to spent for work, but it was not necessary for his inspiration to do great things.