Hamza El Fasiki

Author, Lambert Academic Publishing

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How can we create a Social Entrepreneurial Culture within youth?

The teaching of entrepreneurship, despite all its sorts, has necessitated a coherent tie between the actual theories of business teaching and their actionable engagement within university criterion. Yet, a variety of academic commitments have shown the importance of promoting a utile link between entrepreneurship and schools. To this very point, social entrepreneurship as a specific case is not really hooked by those replications. Hence, a great amount of need is set up to create awareness on how possible it is to create social change via modes of entrepreneurial actions.

Yet, how can we promote a social entrepreneurial culture to a selection of student majors within world universities? What are the ties needed to for both school theories and field operations? Could the academic contributions on the field innovate a new positive thinking within youth culture?

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    Sep 21 2011: Hi Joe, throughout my own experience as a student of S.E. i have found it attracting only when professors are to be avoinding charts and statistics. and as you said, talling stories is more inspiring. the promotion of S.E.Culture is a necessity to the extent that we need to create awarness. before teaching the concept of training students, we need to prepare the pre-knowledge of peole about S.E. i sometime found it hard to find someone who'd know about the possiblities of using business for social wealth. in this i mean that there are students whose major is micro-finance but they just haeno idea about the philosophy of micro-creadit. it is rare when peole know Mohamed Yunus but it is often the case to know Bill Gates.
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    Sep 21 2011: Hamza, youth by nature are idealists and Social Entrepreneurial Culture can be developed by showing the example of successful enterprises within and outside the country. What did your research have shown you so far?