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an aspect of TED: TEDnotes- direct notetaking widget within the webpage, allowing for wordclouds of most popular opinions and comments

The main goal of this would be to allow people to take notes directly onto or about a given video/conversation and download it in a chosen file format when complete. As well as giving people more direct access to user generated information and opinions on a given subject. An augment of this would be wordclouds which would portray the most popular opinions and comment subjects (these wordclouds could also link to even more specific TED talks then tech, art, economics, etc.)

Closing Statement from Devin Krizwold

perhaps, the wordcloud thing already is on the site..which i noticed after i posted this. outside would be a possibility but thats just blogging. integrating it within TED with more visual linkage to resourcing sites

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    Sep 20 2011: Devin, this is one great way to see and learn from the dynamic interactions of TEdsters. Perhaps this can developed outside TED?