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What 10 things do I tell my children that will make them better people and value society?

We all grow up with advice, either receiving it or giving it. But some advice stays with us and helps to shape us. As a parent of young children, I want to give them advice that will reflect on the way they live their life and support them through the good times and the not so good times. What advice did you receive that has stayed with you and shaped you. Lets see if we can get a list of 10 pieces of advice to pass on.


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    Sep 20 2011: Ten things I want to teach my future kids:
    - Never compromise who you are and what you stand for, for the sake of pleasing others.
    - When frustrated and confused, then, instead of yelling and screaming or hiding with your gloom, take some time for your self with physical or creative activity.
    - Talk little, listen much.
    - Every story has more than one side to it.
    - Always take the information you're given up to further investigation with your own reason.
    - Talk things over with your reflection.
    - It doesn't matter who started it, I'm stopping it.
    - Respect others' personal space.
    - Be polite.
    It doesn't matter where you come from, what matters is where you're going.

    All of these are perfectly up for moderation and consideration, since I'm not having children in the near future.
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      Sep 20 2011: What a terrific list!
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        Sep 20 2011: Thank you! I accidentally made 11 points. However... I think I'd just rewrite two points into one with *Respect others' personal space and be polite

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