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What makes a great teacher?

I have had my share of good and bad teachers. Some more than others brought a new perceptive to my academic career. However is it not just the teacher but also the student that affects how much he gets out from the class as well.
What do you believe?

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    Sep 14 2011: A great teacher is passionate about their subject and about sharing their knowledge. They are also life-long learners who provide a positive classroom environment for their diverse student population.
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      Sep 14 2011: I can't agree with you more. :) That's what I think too! Are you a teacher by any chance?
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        Sep 15 2011: Yes, I am! And I hope to never lose the desire to learn and to share my passion for teaching languages! I also hope to help reform the way the United States teaches World Language...would love to see it start nationwide in Kindergarten!
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          Sep 16 2011: Nice. :) I hope that you'll be able to achieve your goal ! Sounds like a great idea.

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