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What is the future of libraries?

Libraries withdraw (either throw out, resale, or recycle) print materials all the time. Many libraries say that these print materials are being replaced by resources on the web or non print resources. But with the rising costs of subscriptions, licensing, legal issues involved with copyright, privacy and what not, how can libraries provide access to all of these types of materials? Are libraries throwing out some of our heritage when withdrawing print materials? Where are libraries heading and how can they navigate the waters of freedom of expression in a digital age, security, public access, or free services.


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  • Sep 22 2011: If we aim to educate the entire human race, let the resources of the most advanced schools in the world be available to people hungry for knowledge.
    • Sep 24 2011: Hi Rudy,
      This is an excellent reply! One question, are humans really hungry for "knowledge" ??
      We listen to the news, 24/7. Most humans hunger for, housing, food, water, electricity. So,, I do not get it? I I am beginning to think, knowledge has taken the back "burner" ?? With Respect to You Rudy.
      • Sep 26 2011: Hi,

        Not all people were given the 24/7 access to information from news and other forms of media. There are several social and economical constraints such as poverty, government censorship and others.
        • Sep 26 2011: Hi back at ya!
          I agree with you! However, one does not have the excuse of poverty to visit a library. UNLESS, one lives in a society, that does not have a library. I know, I know, there are societies that have no access to a library. Humans do not need 24/7 news. Humans need libraries, to learn in the future. They need to read about how bad we screwed up! ( sad face)
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      Sep 27 2011: I believe this is already being done. Open source education. I will post when I find the school that started this. Its top tier schools that are doing this too.

      MIT opencourseware
      Stanfords engineering everywhere
      Academic earth

      To name a few

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