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Who could best contribute to the ideas of computer-based math education?

Based on the vision I set forth in my TED talk, we're hosting a key summit in London this November to drive a worldwide change to computer-based math education (http://www.computerbasedmath.org/events/londonsummit2011/index.html). Very interested in ideas of who could best contribute? And I'm not just talking educators but leaders who want radical change and have a stake in the future of STEM education. We've already got many countries, governments and quite a few fields represented but really want to make sure we don't miss key people out.


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    Oct 13 2011: I have waited to the end date to see all the other comments before I write my own. I have seen Conrad ted talk many times. Though some people were not interested,I have shared it with many people . I have seen more than 200 Ted talks ,but Conrad talk is by far the best one for me. That may be because I am a victim of bad math eduction .I remember during in mindless drills in elementary schools while I was in elementary school and junior high school.But my mind stopped accepting probably after I was grade 11.In my country Ethiopia ,most architects,engineers ,chemistry don't use math advanced than algebra.Students ,teaches fail to get the real purpose of mathematics.I remember once my highschool English teacher saying that the purpose of square roots and simultaneous equation is to broaden and exercise you mind. The thing that has kept from giving up on math education in my country is the excellent textbooks and nine resources out there. Modern textbooks like Stewart calculus have excellent content and projects to induce real math understanding.I have uploaded some pictures
    Properly using this tools with the super tools like mathemaica and wolfram alpha can transform math from "following steps" subject" to a subject interesting ,applicable subject. Using computers properly one can focus its mind on the big picture . I think I can be a great help to the computer based math education . I can bring the perceptive from a developing country .

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