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What skills should future graduates possess ?

Revolutionizing higher education system, changing the paradigm, graduate skills gap, no doubt uber minds of this world are in Financial sector and responsible for GFC - moralizing, multiculturalism, technology, sustainability, et cetera, these are some of the hot topics. So how about we ask the same question that was asked in 19th Century during which the schooling system was build: What skills should future graduates posses as a responsible citizen and also as a drivers of the economy ? Answering this question might help us design the next generation of education system, what do you think ?

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  • Sep 21 2011: Though they may not seem like skills, I'd say trust, medium-term adaptability, all around motivation and effort and a critical eye. Trust, because it is not easy to believe in the value of others when you are competing, and the future must shift towards collaboration. medium term adaptability because the world is shifting constantly but has latency, motivation and effort, sort of together as not everything will be down the lane of what one expects and it has become easy to say if it is not what I want then I do not work hard at it. A critical eye to know how to choose from among all the options. I guess that creativity can help but not necessarily sort all of these.

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