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What skills should future graduates possess ?

Revolutionizing higher education system, changing the paradigm, graduate skills gap, no doubt uber minds of this world are in Financial sector and responsible for GFC - moralizing, multiculturalism, technology, sustainability, et cetera, these are some of the hot topics. So how about we ask the same question that was asked in 19th Century during which the schooling system was build: What skills should future graduates posses as a responsible citizen and also as a drivers of the economy ? Answering this question might help us design the next generation of education system, what do you think ?

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    Sep 17 2011: future graduate should posess a balanced combination of Hard Skills + Soft skills, which include all the mandatory set of technical knowledge as well as complimenary skills like leadership skills, effective communication, stress management, time management, coordination, positive attitude, logical thinking etc... skills cant be generalized specifically for anyone as everyone plays unique and distinct role according to respective profession, a fine arts graduate CAN afford to be introvert as his potraits or some other artistic establishment can explain his talent more than the words, but a marketing graduate CAN'T afford to be introvert at any cost. Agree???
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      Sep 20 2011: Absolutely. In addition to the Hard skills + soft skills, I would also add Ethical skills/values and then this would be the perfect combination.
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        Sep 20 2011: ultimately the perfect combination.... :) thanks for contribution!!! i completely agree with you, without ethical and moral values we cant consider any human being civilized, successful in real terms and beautiful at heart and soul....

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