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What skills should future graduates possess ?

Revolutionizing higher education system, changing the paradigm, graduate skills gap, no doubt uber minds of this world are in Financial sector and responsible for GFC - moralizing, multiculturalism, technology, sustainability, et cetera, these are some of the hot topics. So how about we ask the same question that was asked in 19th Century during which the schooling system was build: What skills should future graduates posses as a responsible citizen and also as a drivers of the economy ? Answering this question might help us design the next generation of education system, what do you think ?

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    Sep 16 2011: Future graduates should be taught entrepreneurial skills, how to conceive of/run/grow their own business, for the only jobs that will be available will be the ones they make for themselves.
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      Sep 20 2011: I absolutely agree, because then they would be doing what they actually like, what they love, what they are passionate about. This could also lead to creative and innovative business model, because every individual is different, different character traits, different skills, et cetera. Now, in order to deploy their respective skills they will have to be creative and think of something that suits them the best.

      The role of higher education in this case would be 'moralising' students, even though they are doing whatever they are good at, education is providing guideline to be ethical.

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