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What skills should future graduates possess ?

Revolutionizing higher education system, changing the paradigm, graduate skills gap, no doubt uber minds of this world are in Financial sector and responsible for GFC - moralizing, multiculturalism, technology, sustainability, et cetera, these are some of the hot topics. So how about we ask the same question that was asked in 19th Century during which the schooling system was build: What skills should future graduates posses as a responsible citizen and also as a drivers of the economy ? Answering this question might help us design the next generation of education system, what do you think ?

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  • Sep 14 2011: I was about to write something very similar to what others have written below, but I felt something was wrong. I realized that I was being far too idealistic and not realistic at all. So I thought about this:

    The Situation.

    Today it doesn't matter how intelligent you are. That is not going to get you the job. Not because you can't think for yourself. The people who get the job nowadays are rarely those who are actually the best, but the ones who are the best competitors. In other words, unless you are willing to fight, claw, stab and be ruthlessly selfish you aren't going to get anywhere. These types of personality traits are rarely found in those who are "in it (the job) for the right reason".

    Employers have to be as empirical as possible when choosing who to hire since the competition is so high and they are so spoiled for choice that choosing is almost impossible. So they look at CVs and Cover Letters and references and tick the boxes. The people who know what boxes are being ticked just present their application that ticks the boxes- so no matter how intelligent you are,unless you know what boxes to tick for each employer you are not going to get anywhere with them.Not to mention the fact that you must also be aware of how the employer perceives things.

    What I think:

    I think graduates should be trained in how to play the politics in their industry, be given plenty of contacts, introduced to prospective employers, arrange a political base of people they can trust, and be taught how to research their prospective employers properly. All this so that in the end the best person can get the job and is not left by the waste side because of a personality issue like shyness. All the suggestions made below are useless if the chance to use them never comes along. I look around and all I see is a huge waste of potential in this world and it's all "the system"'s fault.
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      Sep 15 2011: Yes teach children how to play the game, but it seems that is all a lot of education is now anyways. What type of civilization will this lead to when the emphasis is on teaching to be competitive rather than productive. The major source of success for our species is our high level of cooperation we have as a species. There is nothing intrinsic in our current job market, rather it is a social constructed one that can and should be changed.
      • Sep 15 2011: Agreed. The status quo will lead, or rather has lead, to having too many corrupt people at the top because they all felt they had to be corrupt. The system today has given us the situation today. I say bring down the bullies with more balls than brains and get the best people working!
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          Sep 20 2011: Agreed. @Edward: "Today it doesn't matter how intelligent you are. That is not going to get you the job.", definitely agree with the point but Could it be because there is a gap between the skills acquired at university and the skills required in the workplace ? Additionally, supporting @Anthony & @Edwards's point, instead of teaching them politics, I say how about higher education provides opportunity to discover themselves, provides opportunity to get experience and acquire various skills. So if a person is studying marketing and is shy, then he/she can develop public speaking skills if university provides different opportunities. The question that now needs to be answered is, how can university provide such opportunities, which leads us to the main question - revolutionizing the Education system. Lastly, if a student has acquired the skills necessary to be successful in the career he/she is applying for, then there is no need to play politics, no need to deceive somebody, @Ed Schulte (above) no need to manipulate the system but rather give your best shot, show your enthusiasm and passion and you will definitely stand out.

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