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Are humans domesticated by technology?

We rely on technology too much and its presence permeates through all aspects our lives. We are "domesticated" by technology, the product of our own culture. I don't think it is possible for us to live without technology anymore. Do you agree?


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    Sep 13 2011: what is technology? and what do you mean by 'living without technology'?

    if by 'living without technology' you mean
    1) without your ipads and blackberrys then yes we can live without them. i have lived without them without any problems.
    2) living in a world without electricity and all electrical appliances, well thats not a big deal and its very easy to survive without them. if you have an issue with that kind of a scenario, its only in your mind.
    3) living in a rural setup, without electricity or phones, thats not an issue again.

    but, then what is technology? even a wheel has technology in it. so if you live in a rural setup drawing water from rivers and wells you are using technology. it takes proper agricultural technology to grow proper food on farms. a manual sewing machine or a hand-loom or a blacksmith uses technology. even crude bows and arrows used by Amazonian tribes have their own technology.

    So, you can't escape 'technology' but you can definitely live without the latest developments. If you haven't experienced it then I think you should at the earliest and the best way to experience that is to volunteer for something like the unicef.

    As far as, the argument for domestication by modern technology is concerned I think the very rate at with new technologies become outdated show that we definitely have not been domesticated by them. Most of modern technology is just a fad for a few years.
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      Sep 13 2011: You have a point but the "smart stuff" is not going to disappear. Smart phones, smart cars, smart homes, smart whatever but are we getting smarter with equal rate using all these smart toys or we are getting lazy and stupid

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