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I wonder where is situated the line, taking the different elements of our world, and making life with it?

A simple living organism could be roughly defined as a thing who has the ability to reproduce and evolve randomly, thus allowing natural selection. But where, and what, are the basic law allowing molecules to become codes or building blocks, chemical reactions to become messages?

Could an infinite luck make the right combination to start a life mechanism?

I've seen some demonstrations of mechanical blocks transmitting information through reproduction and association (by pushing them together), as an exercise to understand basic life principles. But this concept, is quite difficult to adapt to atoms in a universe having no external force to help.

Those questions are as important as the beginning of the universe, since once particules have been released, their assembly is as complex as their creation. I'd be interested to hear about other's though.

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    Sep 13 2011: We need to study more the science of optical biophysics, which is the effect of molecular electrical fields upon the combining of molecules into life bearing cellular structures. During metabolism, molecules don't simply bump into one another randomly. They are signal emitters and receivers and move according to the field strengths they perceive around them. Until we know how this works, we won't know where the boundary between a collection of atoms and the beginnings of life is.