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Student, Maseno University


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Is artificial intelligence really possible?

Is artificial intelligence really possible?
How many forms of intelligence should it have so that it suffices to the term intelligent.
Define what you understand by artificial intelligence and in your own words, say what a machine should be capable of to be describe as intelligent.
I like it when John Lloyd in Inventorying the Invisible (2009 Global) says that "...not only have they not created Artificial Intelligence they have yet created Artificial Stupidity..."
I think a blueprint of Artificial Stupidity would be the characters Johnny Bravo or Billy from Billy and Mandy or Homer Simpson.
Begging the question what would we map intelligence against. Us ?
With knowledge that there are 8 forms of intelligence:
Logical / Mathematical Intelligence
Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence
Musical / Rhythmic Intelligence
Visual / Spatial Intelligence
Intrapersonal / Self Intelligence
Interpersonal / Social Intelligence
Verbal / Linguistic Intelligence
Naturalist / Environmentalist Intelligence
~ and that its hard for one person to have them all, do we expect the machine with AI to have them all, if not how many would should it have to suffice the term intelligent.
>>The amazing display of Watson SuperComputer was amazing but it sparked curiosity in me, why do they describe it as intelligent yet we know that there are different forms of intelligence.

Closing Statement from Whitney Njiru

Artificial intelligence is not possible because we do not fully comprehend our minds. There are still uncharted territories of the brain and until we fully understand how it works,its complexity, each neuron's use, how to manipulate it...repair it and change it?

we cannot re-create it.
Hence artificial intelligence is not possible with the current knowledge we have.

  • Feb 22 2011: Artificial intelligence is not real intelligence - hence the word "artificial". I would argue that artificial intelligence was born the day the first computer program was written. There are many things we use today that many would consider to be a form of AI - everything from using Google to GPS navigation systems. There is no one correct answer, because almost anything can be considered as AI in one form or another. Is Watson any more intelligent than the AI in Pong? No, it's just more sophisticated. I think that word is more appropriate than "intelligence".
  • Feb 22 2011: Artificial intelligence already exists in lower forms, so yes it is possible. My guess is as technology progresses we will be able to introduce all 8 forms of intelligence into robotic and computerized devices. However, I do believe that artificial intelligence will always be limited, unlike humans. We are able to adapt to the environment extremely well, though machines will always be limited to a degree in this respect. For example, robots and AI technology cannot do what they have not been programmed to do. Therefore, they cannot learn what they have not been given the capability to learn.

    In summary, I believe artificial intelligence is not only a reality, but also an increasing aspect of society. Though, technology will never be able to fully mimic human nature.