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What does it take to make the youth take charge and feel responsible for their own initiatives?

TEDxYouthDay 2011 (www.tedxyouthday.com) is happening on the weekend around Universal Children's Day, from November 19 - 21.
Over 90 events are scheduled to happen on TEDxYouthDay, all of which are catered towards youth and many of which are organized by youth.
However, some adult organizers have had trouble finding young organizers to get involved in their events.
What are some ways we can reach out to our communities and empower youth with an opportunity to take charge and feel responsible?

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  • Sep 15 2011: Youth are great at being passionate, it takes adults giving them the opportunity to do something they ARE passionate about, rather then what the adults might find useful. I think the greatest step is asking the kids what they wan to achieve and then showing them it IS possible and helping them find the means to accomplish it.
    Also youth grow up with adults basically telling them what they want to do isn't always the most important. Kids from my small town wanted to build a skate park and they tried to pursue it but I heard teachers and parents telling them not to bother. There needs to be encouragement about ALL ideas and particularly the ones the kids feel are important.

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