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What does it take to make the youth take charge and feel responsible for their own initiatives?

TEDxYouthDay 2011 (www.tedxyouthday.com) is happening on the weekend around Universal Children's Day, from November 19 - 21.
Over 90 events are scheduled to happen on TEDxYouthDay, all of which are catered towards youth and many of which are organized by youth.
However, some adult organizers have had trouble finding young organizers to get involved in their events.
What are some ways we can reach out to our communities and empower youth with an opportunity to take charge and feel responsible?

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    Sep 13 2011: Integrate community decision making (town halls, local businesses, and schooling programs) processes into the daily activities of our lives.
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      Sep 13 2011: That is a good point. Giving youth the opportunity to provide input on community decision-making is definitely empowering.
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        Sep 14 2011: Thank you Cloe. And yes, you are quite right when speaking of empowerment.
        Great questions by the way. I hope you find useful resources here.
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      Sep 14 2011: Empowerment is invaluable. It requires consideration, which doesn't happen when kids are just told what to do.

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