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As per my view, we should research on Earth's Aura like the Aura of Human Body to find out its present happening and future conditions

When I learn "Raiki", an art to cure people, I come across the art of knowing the condition of any human body and possible future changes through the study of Human Body Aura. Similarly according to a spiritual theory, the blue print of entire universe is inside the human body, particularly in Female body. And as per the theory, if we want to know about the universe, we can learn it from human body.
Looking at these two theory, and studying it I came to conclusion that if we do the similar research of studying the Earth's Aura, we can learn the present condition as well as future changes in Earth in terms of earth quake, Tsunami, High Tide, Al Nino more perfectly.

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    Sep 20 2011: Bakul, how would you relate this into the phenomena of animals sensing disasters before humans do?

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