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How, if any at all! can we minimize the conflicts of religion and atheism.

Finding reasonable ways to bridge religion and atheism. As an atheist I firmly believe there is no God or Gods that exist and there are many others that have this conviction. We all know the antagonism that our group receives and such. And we know the antagonism that the religious receive from those that call themselves militant atheists'. Religion is widely dispersed throughout the world, the cultures and customs associated with it are vast and the ethics that radiate from it is breathtaking. These are elements I think that we can't and should never ignore. Which leads me to say that we should seek a middle course between these two systems. But how?


Closing Statement from Kevin Hernandez

This conversation has inspired heated debate among a number of you and only seeks to solidify how robust the antagonism is between these two groups. Some incredible points were brought up, but It looks like we still have a long way to go before harmonizing these far-flung groups.
Thank you for your participation, it was most welcome.

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  • Sep 13 2011: leave everyone alone... let them practice what they want and not publicize religion
    • Sep 16 2011: If only it was that easy -__-
      The present time I can't see how this can possibly unfold unless we have a mature and reasonable debate all around about this.

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