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Why are we more intelligent then we need to be?

from a evoltuionairy point of view there is no reason we need the intelligennce to understand the universe,are intelligense should only be to surivie in our enviroment and perhaps control it but understanding the universe does not seem neccesairy im not disputed evolution i agree witgh evolution but we seem to be more evolved then we need to be, just a curious thought or a personal observation that i would like some answer or people's thoughts on

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just like to say thankyou for a great conversation.

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    Sep 12 2011: the first sign of a primitive society is that it thinks itself highly evolved.
    still have wars...not highly evolved. with respect this is only my perspective.
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      Sep 12 2011: i didnt say we were highley evovled, i do not think we our, thou as individual's we pocess the intelligence to be even thou very few of us show it or live up to our own intelligence as well as a extelligence but as a fuctioning global society we are way off and we have much to learn and discover about the huamn race> I like to think of our civilisation in terms of it in one of dr. michio kaku were we talks about type 1, 2 and 3 civilisation we would fall into a 0 but we do have the potential to reach a 3 if we make it to 1.
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    Sep 12 2011: Maybe "are intelligense" [sic] isn't as useless as you think.

    I need your working definition of intelligence to provide much insight.

    From an evolutionary stand point intelligence is a huge plus. Using tools, logic and reasoning to get food sure makes it easier than brute force.
    Consider how efficient basic tools allow us a larger net gain in calories, allow for safer living; both would allow more offspring to be born and survive.

    Understanding the universe is paramount to the survival of the human race, the earth won't last forever...
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      Sep 12 2011: i believe our intelligence is very useful asnd i understand the evolutionairy reason for it but dont forget neanderthals , and varioous other hominids have used tools, logic and reasoning, far earlier then we did and were quite succesful in fact the mastered there enviroment even modern day chimps and other primates show outstanding intelligence and studies are closing the gap on the what to define as human chararistics and behaviours however to survive on earth and thats what evolution on this planet is based on understanding the 4 forces of the universe( electro-magnetism , gravity and the strong and weak nuclear forces) if we truely do understand them doesnt seem essential. thou im not complaining cause having the ability to comprehend the universe and understand that earth is going to be around for ever we look to branch out and explore the universe perhaps even one day master it is fantastic and i hope oneday we will. to answer your question on my defenition of intelligence i use to say the abilty to live in harmony with your enviroment but huamns dont do that. so i suppose control and manipulate it could be a way of defining it, but to be prefectively honest im not sure we can since we keep surprising ourselfs every generation exceeding the next based on the foundations that were laid down for them, and with more and more information becoming avaliable and better understand of the universe, the possibility to engeneer our know evolutionairy path and perhaps one day creating neurogensis in the human race our intelligence can become unlimited who kows how to define human inteeligence or where our future will take us. sorry for rambling
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        Sep 12 2011: Intelligence won't become unlimited, knowledge maybe, but not intelligence.

        There are other needs for a person rather than just food and shelter though Maslow's hierarchy of needs for instance.

        Our intelligence gives us the very unique ability to pass on knowledge from generation to generation.

        (on a side note)
        I think you're mistaking knowledge with intelligence.
        Knowledge of the 4 forces.
        Knowledge of environment.

        The important thing you are missing is application.
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    Sep 12 2011: We're not as mature as we need to be considering our intelligent weaponry.
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      Sep 12 2011: yes as a civilisation were still in our infancy and we have alot of maturing to do
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    Sep 12 2011: Perhaps because it is easier to think than to love?
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      Sep 12 2011: perhaps!
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      Sep 12 2011: pretty much fits.. rather than thinking this and that I would like to see what happens if every country and state being ruled by women(sensible women). Women who can be rational in thinking, its too much of men..
  • Sep 13 2011: I think we are more arrogant than we need to be, not intelligent.
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    Sep 12 2011: How do you know that we are more intelligent than we need to be ? If it comes to survival in our environment, then other creatures might be even fitter than we are for that task (e.g. bacteria). So, we can't really say that intelligence is a proper measure for survival in any environment, can we ?

    On the other hand we could also ask why humans exist at all ? Is there any particular benefit or purpose to our existence ?
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      Sep 13 2011: well we are not the strongest or fitest thats why we evolved intelligence perhaps we cannot use it as a measure of survival but we could not of survived without it. and im assuming and this just an assumption, that the need to understand gravity(as long as we know things that up must come down should surfice) and spacetimn our galaxy in universe is irrelavent in surviving on earth. the neanderthals and other hominids had the intelligence to use tool making and had other social structures we would conisder quite smart and that seemed to be all the intelligence you needed to survive until we came along. and as to why we exist and whats are purpose that question is at the root of all religion and philosephers as well sienctist its something that my thoughts land on all the time but i canot not give a clear answer so like to be believe theres a higher been out there shaping the universe
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        Sep 13 2011: Hi Steven, following your line of thought, there wouldn't have to be any need for life to develop beyond a bacteria, since bacterias were perfectly happy with their life (I assume) and did a pretty good job in survival (as species) so far.
        As to intelligence, I think the capacity to study the universe or to research quantum physics is a by product of our development. I don't think we are "designed" deliberately to use our intelligence for that purpose,
        We also could ask why a tiny spider or a snake must produce toxins strong enough to kill a person in minutes if it only has to kill small prey and could do with a much less potent venom. The same for plants. Why do some plants have to be so toxic if the toxin actually doesn't do anything useful for the plant ?
        If you believe in some higher force (I don't) than you are actually in an easier situation than the ones that don't because you simply can say, that whatever happens is God's will.
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          Sep 13 2011: but we know why life developped beyong bacteria! as for god will i still think he works within the laws of the universe everything thats happens happens because of cause and affect perhaps god is just an observer, or we are unable to comprehend what god is he its hard enough understand the higgs boson particle. but thank you for the insight in relation to animals and plants there good question, ill have to look into them i dont have all the answer but i wish to seek all of them.
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    Sep 12 2011: 1.) We can never bee too Intelligent. Intelligence is a gift and one must learn to use and live with and by it.

    2.) If we are really that intelligent how come that we always vote Idiots and plain Stupid morons into power?

    3.) Evolution is a Lie. The Human Race is genetically created by an Alien Race called the AnuNaki or the "Children of the Sun".

    4.) That is also where we have our Intelligence and especially Mathematics from.

    5.) REAL Intelligence is to live in Harmony with our environment with Zero Emissions and advanced technology that takes the Burden off the people instead of laying it on.

    6.) God is an Alien i.e. an Alien Race called the Anu Naki.

    7.) If we are really that Intelligent why do we let our self be controlled by the Banksters who rob steal murder and destroy our world.
    Why don't we kick that scum of our Planet and live together in piece and Harmony?

    8.) We can learn from our differences instead of fighting over them.

    9.) We are Intelligent and we are the perfect creation.

    What I like to ad is that all this and more is who we are.
    We are a very young race of beings, created by an evil Alien Race for Food.
    But we are the creation that outgrew our creators.
    We are capable of everything and that is good and bad.
    All Wars are created by the offspring of those Aliens who control us to this Day with Lies and deception.

    Why don't we use our Intelligence and create a prosperous and peaceful world?

    We can!

    With Zero Emissions!

    That's what I call Intelligence!

    D.W. Major
    Zero Emission Transportation Ltd.

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      Sep 12 2011: Anu naki is alien? lol
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        Sep 13 2011: The Anu Naki are the "Children of the Sun".

        They are a race of Dragons i.e. they have no physical bodies.
        They exist as energy alone.
        They pose as Gods to us since the beginning of Time.
        They created us.
        They hate us.
        They want to destroy us.

        Through Freemasonry.
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      Sep 13 2011: i have beeen seriously waiting for someone to say that when i posted it, thou i wouldnt say evolution is a lie assuming the sumarians were right and the anu naki did create us they would of simply used exsisting animal on this planet perhaps the neanderthol or other hominid and altered there gentic code to better suit there needs perhaos explaining some of this missing gap and evolutioning line and if you think about were perfect slaves unlike our close cousins were pound for pound weaker, we have more control or our emotions and were inteligent enough to work in teams and cotemplate situations and come to conclusions on the best way of doing things just a thought. asnd we our far from a perfect creation but the potential is there to creat ourselves into one, we need to start in creating a better society and better world in harmony ith each other and in harmony with the world
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    Sep 12 2011: Given the state of the planet. I am still on the side that we are not smart enough!
    If we are too smart we sure are using it in the wrong directions.
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      Sep 12 2011: as a society we do seem to be heading in the wrond direction, but theres more at play then intelligence, perhaps greed and other qualities, thou hopefully we i think we are common to our senses and seeing a different possibilities hopefully we choose the right one and yes we could always be smarter but my point was that our inteligence involved to be more then what was needed for our enviroment, as for the enviroment we have created for ourselves more intelligence does seem to be needed
  • Sep 12 2011: Hah! I think it has yet to be proven if we are more intelligent than we need to be. (If such a thing can ever be proven)

    Personally, I gauge our success by the ability to survive. Since our species is located on only one planet, we are very susceptible to extinction. We, as a species, need to be rather intelligent to survive on a geologic timescale and that has yet to be proven.
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      Sep 12 2011: yes that is true but as evolution goes on this planet we would only need to be evolved to the point in wish we could best survive npw pretty much every animal has done this you could say we have done it better pending on your point of view, there is no need for us to understand advanced mathematics and physics that intelligence goes beyond what is required of to survive on this planet. now that we have a understanding of the universe we understand the need to expand beyond earth even beyond this galaxy to survive as a species but we shouldnt havent needed this understanding to survive on earth
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          Sep 13 2011: im not disputed your freemason theory but yes the governments do seem lacking in uniting peace and harmony that could be purely because of human greed and they want for wealth and power aswell as control maybe its tim e we realize we dont need a governemnt to tell us what to do and when we can do it and infact reach the undestanding and intelligence to govern oursellvs how create a new system in accordance with the world we would like to create