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How does one define a fruitful activty?

Certain activities make us feel better because we learn something from them while some make us feel empty because of the lack of learning anything. But in a way there is something to learn or be good at for any activity.So how do we define this 'fruitful' activty and when does an activity become a 'waste of time'?

  • Sep 20 2011: It is hard to know what is a fruitful endeavor. Is playing video games non stop for hours a "beneficial activity?" Is watching mind-numbing TV by the hour a useful endeavor?

    I used to study chess theory thousands of hours but published nothing significant. Now I publish chess books and articles, but is it of interest to a tiny fraction of society. So is it useful?

    Does anything contribute to society? Maybe your question is the really fruitful activity because you, through chaos theory, have tossed a rock into a pond without knowing which way the waves witl go!
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      Sep 26 2011: i can understand how trying to answer the question one might end up going in circles- but to a certain extent i guess a fruitful activity is one which contributes to your career later on- do you agree?
      I can say ' i am an excellent gamer' or ' i am an excellent carrom player' but as a society we dont recognize this skill unless we see the person making money out of it