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How important are marks in school?

I'm in high school, and I have always done my best to learn the material really well, but never really strive to get the top marks. As long as I learned what the topic was about to its core in the unit i was content, I never caught myself striving for extra credit to simply get the top mark.

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    Sep 14 2011: In my opinion,you needn't value marks to much,It really doesn't reflect everything
  • Sep 12 2011: In my experience, marks from high school were not important. (Except for the purpose of graduating from High School)

    If you are concerned about success in a career field, always remember that an employer cares much more about your work ethic and abilities over your marks.

    Good marks from a college may get you an interview but they will not keep you employed. Work hard for your marks but work harder for your employer (and thus yourself) and success will come to you.
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    Sep 11 2011: It is definitely debatable whether or not marks truly reflect how knowledgeable a person is, but they are important as many decisions such as admitting students to a university or hiring someone are made based on marks.
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    Sep 11 2011: Hi my friend
    The first question : why we go to school ?
    2nd :why we go to university ?
    I think if we know why we go there , maybe we will abandon there. with today technologies we can learn most of the lesson that we learn in school.... but what is different ? the social skills or teamwork skills that we can"t learn lonely .
    but mark should use for special skill or degree .
    and we should found the ways to find capacities and improvedevelop that.
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    Sep 11 2011: Hello, i think marks are not so important. But if you are in China , it's very important,for China is a text-oriented country, people always put much emphasize on marks. But if you are in your own country, then i think practical skill is more important than marks
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      Sep 11 2011: That is a fascinating analysis.

      Not entirely sure how valid it is, but certainly something to consider.