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Our idea is to engage the workplace in Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. To teach 350,000 employees how to cook and experience fresh foods.

In collaboration with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution we're inviting companies
to create fresh food awareness and cooking experiences in the workplace.

Why? Because the workplace is a powerful mechanism for change. Our wish is to create inspiring, engaging food experiences that impact individuals at work, at home and, eventually, across their respective communities.

Companies will benefit. Soaring health care costs and low participation in workplace wellness programs create an opportunity for an alternative approach. Softer side metrics like engagement and connections within an employee base will also be explored.

How might diverse work environments support cooking and fresh food for their respective employees?

How might cooking happen with little infrastructure (lack of kitchens, stoves, instruction, etc.)

How might we create self sustaining programs for people to teach one another, without the need for resident expertise?

Help us build on this idea by contributing your thoughts on how cooking and cooking prep could be supported and brought to life in the workplace.


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    Feb 15 2011: I like this concept. Jamie's ideas is very much about re-engaging the family in eating together. The fact is that we spend so much of our time at work, often catch a quick unhealthy bite at our desks. What a great idea to think that a whole office might stop and eat together. Not only would it promote and reinforce better eating habits, but I am sure it would foster a better culture in organisations.

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