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Put the collection of health care and retirement funds at U.S. Treasury and use funds to lend to banks and states for infrastructure.

Keeping health care and retirement savings a function of private funding puts millions of Americans futures not only at the mercy of a corporate America that has demonstrated that it has neither the means nor the the desire to provide for the long-term welfare of their employees, but it also reduces human potential and output when people trap themselves in dead-end jobs to hold on to the promise that they will be cared for when ill, or have a poverty-free retirement.

Universal Health Care and retirement is possible. Workers pay in over their lifetime for benefits. The money would be managed by the Treasury, which should lend the money out to banks prior to use of Federal Funds and to states with infrastructure projects being repaid by municipal bonds.

Public vesting provides the security that 401Ks and other pension plans cannot. It also could provide enough funding for a universal health care system that simplifies the system and puts the emphasis back on care, not collections by physicians and hospitals.

My full thought is at my blog: http://truth-2-power.com/2011/09/07/the-missing-link-to-human-potential-universal-health-care-and-a-real-social-safety-net/


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    Sep 12 2011: The Congress would need to pass legislation that changes the funding procedures for Social Security and Medicare. Instead of the current Trust fund, the funds in trust would be moved to Treasury in national trust, and give Treasury the right to loan out monies from the funds to banks and to state governments for high-rated municipal bonds on public works projects. The Congress would also expand medicare to cover everyone, and should allow participants to pay more into Social Security where the additional funding plus interest on that money goes 100% back to the contributing citizen.

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