Ademir Aguiar

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Use language to share all improvement made in the recent past, on many different societies, let us learn from each other.

My high school history teacher used to say that, it is really hard to came across historical truth, because history was always written as a self promoting auto biography by the people in power, but today in a free world we could find on the internet a place where truth could be posted free of biases and told in a hope that we could learn from our mistakes and copy each others successes. Since now we have language and the internet, we could unite around making each other’s lives better, improving and fixing some problems with this spaceship called earth, and let religion be part of a choice, much like we choose which car to buy or where to cut our hairs. Let our differences in culture be admired and respected. Let us concentrate in this one thing that we all have in common, that planet we are on, because in the end we are simple commuters of a spaceship and we all have as a mission to leave it running well and in good condition when we get off.

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    Sep 21 2011: Very interesting analogy Ademir! with that spaceship analogy. The beacon of our 'spacehip' the Voyager, broadcasting that we exist in this lonely corner of orion belt has in fact just exited our solar system yet we're still dealing with two simple earth problems - basic rights equity and sustainability.

    Perhaps our language now is the internet, with the improving sophistication of our translations.