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The meaning of Life the universe and Existence.

With all the data we have collected about the universe we know the relative structure of the universe. In fact it looks very similar to an organic structure. Like a heart or a lung, Perhaps it is simply a fraction of a larger organism in a world and universe far more vast than our imaginations can comprehend. Picture the solar system as an atom with the nucleus in the center and the planets are the electrons. The billions of different atoms compiled in the structure creating a single cell our galaxy and the billions of cells aligned in a structure creating the veins and other structures of an organic life form. And finally us Life the electrical impulses traveling from system to system to communicate a message to each piece of the structure. Imagine if you will that an entire universe stems within each of us in this same fashion but its simply so small that we cant conceive or record its existence. This could potentially go on infinitely in both directions. A universe within a universe. The Constance of structure on all scales of building blocks supports this theory. This isn't my theory alone. The first time it was purposed to me was by my astronomy teacher in high school. He said to picture our universe as a dust particle in someones closet. However with the knew scientific information and data its more likely we are a part of an organic structure. Even thinking about this still raises the age old question. Where did it all come from? What is existence? How did it all come to be? Is there a god? If so Where did it come from? As far as I can tell and comprehend existence is god it always was and always will be. The only thing that has no beginning and no end. Existence itself is proof of god.


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    Sep 10 2011: If existence itself is proof of god, what is the existence of god proof of?

    We've been playing this game from the beginning of recorded history. We look around ourselves and see things that don't make sense to us. Rather than just enjoying the mystery and continuing our quest to figure it out, we attribute the mystery to the existence of god. Whether it's lightning, earthquakes, and drought, or large scale structures of the universe, we seem to be built in such a way that we are always willing to find agency in the world where it later turns out it never existed. I think that's what you are doing here.
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      Sep 10 2011: Don't look around. Close your eyes and ears. Just to be is what it is about. Try to understand what you talk about if you say, "to be", what it is "being". Not being this or that, just being itself. It is about the primary experience.
      Imagine you are and creation yet has to happen. In this nothingness you are aware of yourself and the first thought arises as a desire to know yourself. This thought is the first light, undifferentiated yet.
      This is a thought experiment to see the point.
      The key question is to be or not to be. Point, nothing more.
      What is the closest is the hardest to see.
    • Sep 10 2011: What is your point exacty Fran? I'm not sure what you're getting at.

      I agree with you Mark. The use of god to explain what we dont yet know is an illogical leap. There is no reason to connect our ignorance of the nature of our existence with the existence of a supernatural creator and it makes no sense to use ignorance of a subject to point to somethings existence or nonexistence.
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        Sep 11 2011: My main point is that when you push imagination to the extreme on both ends you wonder if there is an end. Was there even a beginning? I'm just saying that we are so small in the vastness of the universe we just simply don't have the perspective to see such a large picture. However we are billions of years away from having a much better idea of the true nature of the universe. I think the first step would be moving off of this rock we all call home. We need to populate the galaxy and beyond before we have a better idea. Or maybe travel to another universe completely. However its still just learning another microscopic piece of truth in a endless ocean of information. I don't believe that we will ever have all the answers that the universe has to offer. But that certainly doesn't mean to stop trying.
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        Sep 11 2011: If you ask me?
        I was trying to find a way to let someone understand the most simple as it is the most difficult to comprehend. Shakespeare tried and yet people are repeating it over and over without getting any clue. It probably takes a bit of contemplating.
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      Sep 11 2011: Sorry you got me wrong. Actually I'm not a religious person at all. I don't so much care about the existence of god because its something we cant ever truly understand. However it is extremely important that we work towards the understanding of the universe around us. I love science, research, and evolution. I was simply stating that the overall structure of what we think the universe is, is simply a sign of intelligence. I don't for one second believe in blind faith. Its very important that we keep searching for the truth.

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