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Helping people recognise other people's good deeds

Last month saw the UK burning whilst parts of society were rioting and looting. The glue of society includes respect and consideration of others.

I am building a startup to deliver a commercially sustainable global platform for people to recognise other people's good deeds.

Can you help me define potential customers and validate the market?
I plan to pitch this to corporates as a channel for improving the return on their investment in Corporate Social Responsibility. Their investment could come from the PR budget of their CSR programmes. In turn this funding means my startup can deliver the platform for individuals to recognise the good deeds of other people.

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    Sep 11 2011: On the one hand I am a huge fan of giving recognition to those who do anything to help others. I saw a BBC report recently on corporate philanthropy and this could be a great extension of what was talked about there: corporate backing for those who promote tolerence and respect. Even better: companies that are seen to promote those ideals; this would certainly influence which companies I gave my custom to, and would hopefully reward the companies that promoted ethical and tolerant values.

    What I would not like to see, though, is corporations being encouraged to delve into the private lives of their employees under the pretence of looking to recognise their good deeds; this could give them even more license than they already have to snoop into matters that don't concern them.

    I don't feel qualified to talk about marketing strategies or target corporations, but I'd be really interested in how this idea pans out.
  • Sep 10 2011: The key word is respect. Firstly, one must have respect for oneself - but sadly within society that is not always there - so take a step back and where does the lack of self respect stem from? Well then it must be the parent/s -s o assuming they are adults they all need to start the Duty of Care to themselves, to others to generate respect. It is a case of finding the root cause - and you can't blame it on the youth - it is deeper than that.