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Do young people have a valid role to play in national and international politics?

Do you think that young people actually have a role to play in politics?

Many people look down upon young people who try to have an input as being to young to know what they are speaking about or to have an opinion in the first place.

What is your opinion on this?


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  • Sep 12 2011: To respond directly to your question. NO. As a young man (in the U.S. at least) I am consistently told to sit back and accept what someone who will not be affected by these decisions... AKA OLD PEOPLE, decides to do with MY future. Political outlets are there and real, yet only real in the eyes of the youth who have been told their ideas and opinions count yet have been acted towards in a completely different manner. What's worse than not being listened to? Being listened to and then disregarded.
    • Sep 17 2011: Your mistake is thinking that you are told that because you are young. You believe that old people are more likely to be heard, understood, and followed. Right here, if you didn't tell us that you were a young man, we wouldn't know. Your ideas would simply be judged on their merits. But you may never see the effects of your ideas. You are influenced by your friends, your family, by everyone you interact with in face-to-face social networks and in electronic social networks, and all of them, in turn, are influenced by you, whether they admit it or not. Perhaps the influence isn't in the direction you intend. You may inspire opposition as well as support. Call it the butterfly effect. Call it "It's A Wonderful Life." You will have an influence whether you try or not.

      There are a couple of sayings that come to mind. "Think globally. Act locally." and "All politics is local." You change opinions one person at a time. And then they change others opinions. And if it's a good idea, in a little while, someone will tell you about a great idea he heard, and it will be your idea coming back around.

      People who disagree with you will tell you that your opinion doesn't matter. If they convince you, then they win. You ask, "What's worse than not being listened to?" Saying nothing.
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        Sep 17 2011: I LOVED reading this exchange of ideas, Brandon and Mike! They were both honest and heartfelt and they give us a window into 2 valid viewpoints. I hope you will both keep posting and sharing your perspectives on TED conversations (and listening to each other!)

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