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Do young people have a valid role to play in national and international politics?

Do you think that young people actually have a role to play in politics?

Many people look down upon young people who try to have an input as being to young to know what they are speaking about or to have an opinion in the first place.

What is your opinion on this?


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    Sep 10 2011: Why not?
    What's your definition of young people?
    If they are at voting age are not they playing the role while voting. Is that an invalid role?
    • Sep 10 2011: Young people are the people that I represent on the UK youth parliament - between the ages of eleven and nineteen. This is also the age range of the Members of Youth Parliament.
      • Sep 10 2011: In this case, i'd say "no". The youth parliament and its analogs worldwide are made up for learning purposes primarily - to bring up the next generation of politics being into the gears and guts of policitcal system for as long as possible.

        On the other hand, you and those you represent are going to play a big part in politics in 10-12 years.
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          Oct 7 2011: I agree with Nikita... I don't think youth parliaments can make a real impact on politics. I was member of a youth parliament in my hometown as well from 13 to 18, but we were mainly concerned with organizing events for young people and drug prevention issues. Even though we had meetings with our mayor and his support for our ideas, the distance between "real" politics and what we were doing was just too big. It is probably impossible to involve teenagers in the daily routine of politics, so I would rather focus on different issues that can make a visible impact.
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          Oct 8 2011: In Denmark your vote counts from you're 18, so at the recent election for parliament the 1st time voters represented 6,4% of the total number of voters. So here in Denmark we clearly believe that young people has a role to play.
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          Oct 9 2011: Rebecca and Nikita,
          Although surprised, because initially I understood young people as young adults,

          In this case, I still say YES. Watch this presentation at the United Nations by Severn Suzuki, a budding environmentalist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZsDliXzyAY&feature=player_embedded

          The young can make a difference, influence political decisions, and affect change.
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        Sep 16 2011: I think yes, becauseI have met some young people with profound thoughts.

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