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What 'elements of violence' are important to recognize if most violence has shifted from physical-directive/arbitrary to mental/systemic?

Is violence a more physical-survival based idea? of is it more of an attack on your ability to exist as a free individual? What would be YOUR terms/ethics of non-violence? (And also, how do we discriminate between varying levels of, and globally refer to violence as a whole idea today?)
**The important distinction here is what Pinker did non clarify; that is can violence be non-physical?.. and furthermore if we eliminate physical violence, will that free our bodies in the midst of our systemic restrictions?**

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    Sep 11 2011: Exceedingly interesting question. I'd say that the main element of violence to recognize is any effort that restricts self determinism, if that self determinism is not being expressed by a sociopathic personality. But any attempt to combat mental or psychic violence absolutely must begin with an understanding of the human sub conscious mind. If we don't amplify and improve on Freud's work in this regard, we are flying blind.
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      Sep 11 2011: The reply of the Geresene was 'legion', Imho....He would be referring to multiple personalities, a mental disorder. You can see I do not believe in actual demons.