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What is the difference between having emotions and expressing them?

When you have an emotion and don't express is do you really feel them if no one else knows how you feel?

  • Sep 10 2011: Nice question.

    I'd say, there is just a slight difference between the emotions kept and expressed. The ones you hide usually sustain themselves for a longer time, since you can't just leave them out. Expressing emotions, otherwise, may amplify their intensity but cut down their duration.

    And i would be very grateful to read your own opinion - as far is i know, in many Asian cultures emotions are regarded as a thing not worth expressing. Is that true? Is there any difference between how men and women do express them?
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    Sep 10 2011: Emotions can be retained within you. You have the choice to either let it out or keep it to yourself.
    Today's society is driven by the extremes of this case: those who express too much, and those who never do.
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    Sep 10 2011: Cheyenne
    If there are feelings there are also emotions for as far as I know. In Emotions the body expresses any feeling. It is moved and communicates this with the group by emotions.
    One can either control them or suppress them or let them be as they are.
    If the energy that is mobilized by any emotion is suppressed it will react on the body instead as it should on the cause of the initial feeling. To let this energy go inward provokes stress and either if the stress builds up one can blow out of his/her mind or become ill.
    Stress puts the body in the active mode to react efficient on danger or other things that need to be solved. Metabolism is shut off to use all energy for the task. (One second late and the lion grabs you.) After the task is accomplished one should relax and everything is fine again. But if there's stress building up by suppressing emotions there can be no relaxation. So because metabolism doesn't function properly and breathing becomes out of order, the body isn't fed as it should and becomes ill.
    So you better express your emotions directly as they appear but keep your mind with it to avoid any damage to other people.
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    Sep 10 2011: But of course, you have those feelings even if you don't show them or choose not to. It's like the difference between listening to music and feeling it with your heart ... sometimes the sound and words will touch it sometimes not. My personal advice to you: