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What is future of Social Networking?

What is future of Social Networking.... Will Semantic Web be next step?

  • Sep 10 2011: Personally, I find the idea of social networking sites quite sinister.

    Expression with your voice and body is very important when socialising with others. Sometimes people may interpret a statement differently to how you feel. So I suppose a positive from that is to choose your words carefully and wisely.

    When I saw friends and they asked what I'd been doing and I'd start to tell them, they would say, "Oh I saw it on your facebook page whilst you were chatting to..." Right ok, conversation over. It killed the excitement and connecting with someone.

    People will start to revolt from social networking and will seek human interaction eventually because social networking encourages an absence of human company then mother nature comes along and fixes it all.
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      Sep 11 2011: I agree with you, there are already a lot of people who are starting to quit "social" networks!!
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    Sep 16 2011: I believe that social networking will evolve to fulfill a much more ancillary position. Rather than being an end in itself, I see it becoming more of a means to an end. Because the technology is new, people are drawn to it and engage in it to an unhealthy degree.
    Social networking sites are not inimical to real world contact between people. It is like any other technology. You can't blame the tech for how people choose to use it. As people become inured to the novelty, the percentage of people using it will likely drop. The uses to which people put it will become more varied, and it will evolve in a much more organic manner.
    Even though the technology changes, people do not. The same pressures which drove the adoption and evolution of telephones, will drive forward the evolution of the social network. Far from being a terribly divisive thing, it provides unrivaled levels of connectedness to those who wish to use it in that manner.
    As for specifics of the future, I see it becoming far larger and more enmeshed in our lives. The ads will be more pervasive, but less obtrusive. Our social network will be an integral part of our lives. It may not look anything like it does now, but it's not going away any time soon.
    The genie can't be put back in the bottle. Now it's up to us to figure how to live with it.

    Cheers, Winston
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    Sep 10 2011: The global village? May be or may be not! Who knows what we can come up with. :)
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    Sep 10 2011: the life is change and we need to change when life change .
    the future of social notworking is the person he can took to another person by Electronic networks that mean if live in place and your friend live another place you can contact with him by Electronic networks .
    now we are live in Technology life i dont know what happen in future but we hop the change will good for us .
    i hope my opinion like you .
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      Sep 19 2011: I do like your opinion Abdulrhman. I do have friends and family who are far from me and I use Facebook, blogging etc to stay in touch with them. Far from limiting our interaction, it is enabling it.

      What I enjoy most about your post is the optimism. I too hope the changes that come will be good for us.

      Cheers, Winston