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Are recycled resources being employed in a meaningful way?

This morning, I bumped into a poster in the office that stated: "Recycling one aluminum can, saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours".

Great! we need energy! lots and lots of it. But TV? Not so sure it is the most meaningful purpose a valued resource might be used for. What I mean is, TV nowadays has a lot of not-so-cultural, not-so-educative, not-so-informative, not-so-MEANINGFUL shows... Sometimes, TV shows act as a step back, rather than a step forward, in our development as society.

So there you have a hard-earned, highly needed, resource, being used for something banal. And I'm sure there are lots of examples like this out there.

So, back to the recycling stuff.. I think that we have successfully set up a system which allows to take full advantage of our technology to reverse the course we had been going towards ending up not having enough of our most basic materials.

Now, as the next step on recycling, our approach must be towards using those recycled resources to move forward, to really capitalize on them, to improve our lifestyle meaningfully, not for something that doesn't deserve the right of using recycled resources and all our efforts to make it happen.

Let's use our resources on something worth the effort to recycle it again!

PS: We DO have some great TV shows, there are those that let us advance as human beings and in our knowledge on a lot of different fields. It is, indeed, a powerful tool if used for the right thing.

  • Sep 12 2011: "Recycling one aluminum can, saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours".

    The point is that energy is being saved. Thus there is that much less need to burn another resource for more energy.

    The TV is an example. That energy could easy be going to the local hospital.