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I wander about in all kinds of TED conversations and I never hear music mentioned and that's a shame. To me it means a lot 'cause I've transformed through it. It never lets me down, it's always by my side, connects in a special way with other people. Don't get me wrong I'm not even a musician. But for me:


Moreover it is a universal language that all people speak regardless of their background and education. So please bear with me and share a few thoughts:
1. What's music to you?
2. Do you have a particular favourite kind of music?
3. Share a special song or a performer/s that you love.
Let me start: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxkMlS2nuU8

Topics: healing joy music

Closing Statement from Silvia Marinova

Now that this conversation has ended I feel saddened. :( As I shall no longer be able to share my passion with you but even this short one was worthwhile because I grew and learned with all the people who participated ... sometimes more, sometimes less. I want to take the time to thank everyone for the wonderful contributions.

I have a special message for Helena Ripoll Hazel, Salim Solaiman: you have made this journey a real pleasure and I'm more than glad to have conversed with you here. I can't miss the great contributions of Debra, Juliette, Amily as well as Jacob and Muhammad !


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    Sep 10 2011: O and I saw this today. Quite possibly the most adorable thing Ive ever seen.
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      Sep 10 2011: What about this one?
      Can they be any cuter? Such a great bond they have ... can't help but love them and smile! Thanks thrice, Jacob.
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      Sep 20 2011: I saw this sometime ago and I remember playing it over and over again. I just love it too, Thank you Jacob.
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      Sep 22 2011: Jacob - I got stuck on that one !! I too found that video a while back and I might be responsible for 30% of the viewings. It brought tears to my eyes for the first hundred times, maybe because it reminded me of me and my dad.
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      Sep 27 2011: Jacob, I only clicked on the start of the one you posted. I watched it today and it is adorable. This one, is the one I played over and over when I saw it sometime ago. The little girl is stronger here and more transparent and innocent.

  • Sep 27 2011: Oh how I want to share my music with you. Music is so important to use all. When I need to think something through I find it in music. One of the questions that i have started is all about the Eureka moment(s) in your life. Well for EVERY moment in our lives there is always a piece of music that defines that moment and reflects our moods, thoughts, events and passions at that time.

    One of mine is this by Del Amitri

    This one is just so stunning and makes me feel so happy.

    My ultimate piece of music, that got me through my degree was this piece that calmed me down and I often return to it when I need inspiration.
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      Sep 27 2011: Wayne --

      Cavalierra Rusticana is exquisite. I haven't been to symphony in too long, and viewing it "brought me back."

      As does the story of Turrido the intermezzo was created for. His bittersweet return to Italy after defending it at war, only to find he'd lost his fiance to a rich villager. The piece comes just after many layers of betrayal are revealed, just before the villager challenges Turrido's to a jealous duel, in which Turrido dies.

      It was created by an undiscovered composer, whose gifts were quickly realized when he was given the venue to express them. And then rose to stratospheric heights as global venues scrambled for access.

      Here is an equally exquisite piece, but with far more uplifting tones. Stunning beauty of many places and people, connected through spontaneous dance. I find it better than yoga for many-levels calming -- healing.


      The lyrics for the song "Praan" come from "The River of Life" by Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore. It's a small but wonderful connection for me with my nephew, who is always in far-off lands where his work for Carter Center and other democracy organizations brings him. Tagore is his favorite.

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        Sep 28 2011: :) Such a great video Andrea! Thanks for sharing.
      • Sep 28 2011: Andrea- I have just watched the 'where is Matt' video

        Thankyou. I have goose pimples and i am sat here smiling my head off. I am already posting it on my facebook page to share with all my friends.

        This just proves the healing power of musica as i am sat here writing unit descriptors for an exam board in Scotland and was just coming to the end of one, feeling pretty stressed. But now I am beaming like an idiot and will be unbearable in the office when i go in , in an hour!

        Thankyou for this.
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        Oct 1 2011: Andrea - This is fantastic!!

        ( especially Korea)
        I wish Matt would post it on my conversation/question thread about
        " reaching the life of your dreams ". It seems he is living the life of his dreams!!
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      Sep 28 2011: As I'm struggling to get through my master's degree now I shall take up your idea and find my own motivation song. Hm, I actually have something in mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KxtgS2lU94 :)
      Thanks for the great music (and tip) Wayne!
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    Sep 27 2011: Here's a scene from The life of others which I find relevant:

    Two songs from the talented Tim Minchin for a few laughs:


    And the last two are just classics:


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    Sep 14 2011: Hi Silivia,music is one of my passions in life.I also like the idea of combining poetry with music which i myself call it "when words meet sounds".

    Natalie Merchant has done a great job on it:
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      Sep 13 2011: As usual I don't have enough thumbs up for you, Birdia. :) I was looking forward to having you in this conversation. Thanks for your contribution! We should really listen to the sound of silence more. :D
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      Sep 18 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYKJuDxYr3I&feature=related
      Just heard it and thought you may enjoy it too. :) Thanks to Amily for that.
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          Sep 21 2011: Oh, my I was impressed! :) Would be nice to spot one of those guys you mentioned just casually on the street as you said. I also like them except for Trent Reznor whom I'm not sure I've heard of (shall look into that). A personal fav of mine would be: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgSPaXgAdzE
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          Sep 21 2011: Ah, both videos are ... speechless! Especially the NIN one I've never seen anything like that. And Beck is just hilarious! Leo would be such a sight for sore eyes (I have a thing for Scorpios). Mmmm got me to thinking here what can I add to the list? And here it goes ... your suggestions remind me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx2u5uUu3DE&ob=av3e Ah, do I love those guys!
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    Sep 10 2011: 1)Music is the only way for me to fly without having to buy an aeroplane ticket
    2)Keroncong. ( you might not know about it.So, I'll provide you with this link as an introduction to the lovely form of folk song mostly played by the natives in the Malay archipelago :http://www.musicmall-asia.com/malaysia/syncretic/keroncong.html)
    3)P. Ramlee (you can find him in Wikipedia)
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      Sep 10 2011: I don't have enough thumbs up for you, Muhammad! I'm real grateful that you shared this piece of information here with us! I got to know a country better by your post. Thanks for letting me fly without a plane ticket. :) Hope that one day I'll experience this for real out there.
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        Sep 13 2011: introduce me to your country's folk song.I wish to go to Bulgaria but I don't have much money ;)
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        Sep 13 2011: My dear friend Silvia, I LOVE BULGARIA!!! I want you to know that I'll start collecting money so that I can afford to go there one day and visit you!

        From Malaysia with love,Muhammad
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          Sep 13 2011: Dear Muhammad,

          I hope you would indeed! :) You can't help but fall in love with my country that's just the way it is. :D I'm still amazed at what we have here on this small piece of land and with no poisonous animals btw. :) And I've been here and there! You're more than welcome anytime. :)

          With love from Bulgaria.
  • Sep 9 2011: Yes it can. I listen to Lyle Lovett to heal my soul. I listen to jazz like Jim Cullum (New Orleans traditional) to heal my spirit. I listen to Yo-Yo Ma to heal my troubled head. I listen to Barber, especially the Adagio for Strings to heal my heart.

    Two offerings:

    Barber: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lV3SHBFyDZM

    Lyle Lovett: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0xYxsbG8Jw
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    Oct 8 2011: Here´s another example of the healing music and dance provide. It's a 10 min documentary called Shake the Dust.
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    Oct 1 2011: Hi Silvia,

    Still in the lab working on my "ocean reduction" project. Meanwhile.... I send you this for now

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    Sep 27 2011: Silvia,

    There has been a few conversations about music already, maybe you just missed them. Not that long ago this one, for instance:

    Music for me is like oxygen.

    My music taste is very eclectic. Although I have learned to appreciate music I never thought I would I still struggle to listen to my teenaged nephew's rapping, in this case, I have to say, music causes havoc, specially if I'm driving and he just aims to wind me up playing loud music on his phone. I could literally grab the thing and throw it out the car window...if only I didn't have to pay for a new one afterwards.

    Here's my tune of day

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      Sep 26 2011: Again right on !! Still have reached maximum for you Silvia. I don't get this idea of limited Thumb numbers. Is it per week, Month ?? These words ( very similar) I wrote yesterday learning Haiku!!
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        Sep 26 2011: Per week it is ... I think. :) I'd love it if you share your words (Haiku) with us. I looooooooove haikus. :D Participating in that thread too. :P
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    Sep 20 2011: Silva, here are a few of my favourites. Thanks for this lovely idea!

    The ultimate feel good song:


    Here Comes the Sun- James Taylor and YoYo Ma

    I love this one for the chain of kindness in the video.

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      Sep 20 2011: Thanks for your lovely input in this thread. :) I loved all your suggestions. The last video just amazing!
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    Sep 10 2011: @Silivia- I am a big lyrics fan as well. But when you combine really great poetry with great compostion and expression it's just epic. There are some bands now that are really pushing the boundries by using alot of sampled noises and very unconvential methods. Its like the surrealist movement in music. It is def an aquired taste though.
    This is a band like that called "The Books"
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      Sep 10 2011: I can't thank you enough, Jacob! You've had a great input in this conversation. Thanks again! I'll make sure I share that newfound knowledge I have now. :D
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    Sep 10 2011: I jumped the gun...

    I take back my statement that "I don't know if music is a particularly good healer." I wasn't thinking!! After reading and listening to some of the posts here it was clear that music has the power to heal.
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    Sep 10 2011: There's actually lots of studies coming in about the healing power of music - and of sound in general.

    Just a short list of the benefits: reduces pain, reduces anxiety and stress, reduces depression, helps stroke victims communicate even when they can't speak properly, induces weight gains in premature babies, and helps the elderly regain balance.

    Literally, music has benefits for us from birth to death (and possibly before birth at that).

    (If you want to read some of those studies visit: http://naturalhealthcare.ca/blog/tags.phtml?tag=music - we track them on NHC.)
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      Sep 10 2011: I'm doing my psychological master's thesis on music and I'm really excited about it. :) We benefit from it in so many ways! Thanks for reminding me of that, Gisela. :) I'll make sure I check out the studies!
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    Sep 9 2011: If you visit rural Turkey hospitals that were constructed by the ottomans 300-500 years ago and still operational.....they had 4 person orchestra that resided in the hospitals & played to the patients to sooth healing :)

    It worked!

    There is great literature that documents this combination of music healing the sick.
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      Sep 9 2011: That is so interesting! I must learn more about it. :) Probably it's time for me to visit Turkey and especially a rural hospital!
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    Oct 2 2011: Hehe I can't believe no one posted Eye of the tiger by Survivor yet.

    Sometimes I find that a song itself isn't all that inspirational but the context it is presented in makes people draw inspiration from it.

    That aside 'Hallelujah' the Jeff Buckley version is a song I always listen to when I want to relax myself and after listening to it any tension I have usually disappears. Here is the link for those who are interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8AWFf7EAc4&ob=av2e (The lyrics start at ~1:20)

    Another great song is Father and Son by Ronan Keating and Yusuf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVbbYYUMI-c&ob=av3n

    Cheers :)
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      Oct 3 2011: Thank you Gaurav! Especially loving the Ronan Keating one. :)
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    Sep 30 2011: Yes Silvia...music heals. I love all kinds of music.

    When I was back on my feet (literally) after a near fatal head/brain injury, I resumed voice sessions, as I had done prior to the accident. My voice coach was preparing for a performance, and he asked me what I wanted to sing. I immediately answered..."One Moment in Time". To the best of my recollection, I had never heard the song before, and I think I was unconscious when it was first recorded and performed. I learned it, sang it at the performance, and I still get chills hearing it because it reflects my feelings about life and death.


    OOPS...I wish to correct myself:>) I just checked the release date for that song...Aug. 27, 1988. That was before my accident, but not too far out of the time frame:>)
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    Sep 28 2011: Here's a documentary that might be of interest
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      Sep 29 2011: It's of great interest to me and I'm so happy to have seen it! It's very relevant to the topic, inspires many questions and was very, very helpful. Thanks again. You bring joy into my day. :)
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    Sep 28 2011: Hi Silvia, I agree with many of posts below about what music is to me so not repeating ...........

    Here comes few from one of my favorite kinds of song ..... (sorry it's in my mother tongue, around 200 years old folk song which is still sung and heard in my country)


    Can check about the creator of those songs

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      Sep 28 2011: Hi Salim,

      You brought up a very interesting point here about the boundaries of language. :) I gotta admit I still have some f those and as I've already shared in another conversation I'll try to learn Spanish in this lifetime. Anyway, I don't mind that your songs are in your mother tongue that's actually even better. They seem to touch the heart and be very inspirational which leads me to thanking you for the last link about the poet ... very useful and interesting to read as I've never known the Far East that well.

      Let me allow myself the liberty of sharing some folk song from my country with you:
      This is a famous one which is very dear to me.
      This is a dance called 'horo' and this singer actually sang at my parents' wedding (probably that's why I love dancing to this tune :) All in all, I hope you'll enjoy those. :)
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        Sep 29 2011: Wonderful , specially the 2nd one. Thanks Silvia.

        To me music, song, poetry etc are matter to be felt by heart. People like me who are novice in language other than mother tongue , it's really difficult for them to enjoy the treasures of other langauge. Remember ,once Jim Moonan opened up a thread on poetry that I followed regularly but couldn't contribute , as poetries close to my heart all were in my language ....

        Well music has better power compared to poetry , as sounds have better capability to reach heart than words that we read......

        Here comes another stream of song of my language


        The poet of these songs wrote few thousands...... to get his background can check below

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          Sep 29 2011: Hi Salim,

          I have only heard of Asha Bhosle and never actually bothered to find a performance of hers. :) She is really captivating! Wonderful voice indeed! About the poet I have no words - the academic world has honored him enough with the prize so I guess that speaks for itself!

          I can also give you a few examples of languages and music transcending borders. We have a lot of reality shows here about singing and recently an X-factor started. There is this wonderful man from the Philippines who sang a song and made everyone cry:
          It's a moving moment as this guy is living in Bulgaria currently and the song is about someone who is trying to send a message to his mother in his homeland through a cloud.
          This is a Bulgarian girl from the same show singing an English song:
          Jessie J herself may be much better but still I like our girl too. :)
          And finally to finish off I'm gonna share one of my favourite Bulgarian voices:

          A lot of young people in Bulgaria actually know more than one language and listen to very diverse and interesting foreign music as well as Bulgarian too. :)

          Ah, Salim ... I wanna say so much ... I can continue writing here for hours on end and still won't have enough time to complete this discussion with you!
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        Sep 30 2011: Poetry, song, poet more broadly arts , crosses geographic boundaries, political rivalry, racial /religious enmity etc at ease to become global. Both my country & India picked songs from Rabindranath to be national anthems..... just one example.......

        You see in this era of connectivity of mobile phone , internet someone trying to sending message through cloud ! Amazing.... how mankind is closely bound with nature somewhere deep inside!!!
        Around 2 thousand years ago Sanskrit poet Kalidas in his great works did the same, one of his classic is Meghdoot (Cloud Messenger)


        In my country also people understand multiple language and enjoy music in same way other than our mother tongue Bangla i.e. Hindi, Urdu, English etc. Same to me , & some songs of those language are also on list of favorite......but I only deeply understand songs of language , that's my limitation trying to overcome with having deep understandin at least another language...

        Like all culture and countries my soil also have lot of different stream of songs & each is unique in it's own way ...... say in Folk Songs we have Songs of River, Songs plain land, Songs of village road, spiritual etc etc . Lots of modern Band Groups are there for long, interestingly they only become hit in the market when they come up with fusion of folk song with western....but trying to establish based on purely western music mostly failed effort.... that's why thinking may be song of own language goes closer to heart easily....... or may be it's only happens to me. Most important ART is more global than anything else

        Here comes another stream of songs

        Link of the poet is below

        I am loving discussing with you Silvia. Thanks for your words
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          Oct 1 2011: Hi Salim,

          First of all I want to say that discussing here with you also brings me great joy and expands my horizons. Both poets are just wonderful and it was really helpful having read their poems at least in English although I'm sure it's taken away some of the purity. Especially the second writer made a great impression on me having such a revolutionary view on women:

          I don't see any difference
          Between a man and woman
          Whatever great or benevolent achievements
          That are in this world
          Half of that was by woman,
          The other half by man.

          I've always been amazed by Asian women and Indian ones make no exception which the second song proved for me. :) This woman is even a greater proof of that: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aishwarya_Rai They seem so graceful and elegant. You are some very lucky men out there. :)

          And not to neglect men out here I'm posting a song sung in a duet (gotta keep the harmony :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_OcsIW95L0
          As we are famous for our folk dances here's one from the region where I live now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CruYPGrK9DY&feature=related
          In the video you can see our national clothes. Each year we have festivals all over the country trying to preserve our culture and traditions 'cause we seem to have lost touch with them. :(

          Without further a due I just want to say I'm happy to hear that you value your own language and music! You seem to have touched a weak spot here for me. I also feel that the bond of oneself with music or any other given form of art should be stronger in our mother tongue but as I've pointed out already we kind of lost touch with our folklore somewhere along the 70s and 80s. But it's coming back to us now in various forms and we still have special schools for that hopefully! :)
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        Oct 2 2011: Same here Silvia.This discussion with you expanded my horizon of learning a bit about Bulgaria. Well earlier I only knew Bulgaria to have very powerful Men & Women , plays good football that was my extent knowledge. In Olympic games Bulgaria is one of the top countries in weight lifting category. Is not it ? Having so many powerful men ,so I can easily say you are lucky women out there ......:)

        Wow cool dresses those are , yes your national dresses are really cool.

        That's my weak spot as well Silvia..........
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          Oct 2 2011: Ah, I hope we won't go on like this for much longer (being ignorant of our roots!). As I like to say a tree can't survive without the roots and the human can't live without a heart.

          Yeah, our clothes are pretty awesome and the cooler thing is that they are different in all the regions of my small homeland.
          YES we do have some strong men (weightlifting champs) and we like to call them lovingly 'dark Balkan objects'. :D Anyway, I suspect that people who are of mixed origin are one of the most beautiful and here we are a pretty big mess (everyone's been around at some point!).
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    Sep 28 2011: Just heard this. Pretty amazing!
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    Sep 27 2011: This song has the capacity to help those who are being abused by bullies realize that they are not alone. As the signs in the song say: IT HAPPENS HERE.


    more about bullying: Its a hard knocks life starts at 17 seconds.


    Speaking up makes for a better society.
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      Sep 27 2011: Hi Debra,
      Once more a great contribution! Still outta thumbs up for you. :( Anyway though! Thanks again for sharing!
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    Sep 26 2011: Silvia --

    Music is not only healing at a personal and individual level, but a powerful way to connect diverse people in community.

    Especially when words, opinions, feelings and dialogues are unable to fully express the complex, unknowable or unspeakable.

    When music moves people to dance, there is a replication of this effect.

    I think of a Jazz festival in my community recently held at a public park amphitheater, as it is annually. Due to the economy, this year the leaders made the day long event free for all. Music from various genres was performed with crowds lingering for all, regardless of whether it was their type or not.

    My favorite was a group called "The Super Pilots" quite gifted musicians who grew up playing together in my community and are now playing nationally. Not normally what I listen to, but so good and so on fire, I was floored.

    The image that hasn't left me since is one so rare in the US.

    Children of every color of the rainbow interacting through dance in front of the stage -- so darling they distracted the headline act, leaving him speechless for a moment. Young beautiful bodies: a black young woman with legs up to here dancing with her dignified looking mom; white men dancing with others -- gay? maybe, maybe not. No one would know from looking. Hispanics, Asians, suburban moms who'd looked tired until they got up and moved, Dads rocking with babies, Gray-haired gentlemen dancing close to their gray-haired wives, dudes tattooed from wrist to shoulder, girls with pink hair, singles sharing swing dance partners, pastors, buff soldiers, woman in burkas, and otherwise locked-horned leaders.

    All loving it. Feeling it.

    Knowing at least for a moment -- due to this musical gift -- that those others seem pretty decent. And how all share something deeper than usual barriers, biases and filters allow.

    Somewhere there is a video. Which, thanks to your Q, I'll be trying to track down.

    To relive the healing effect.

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      Sep 27 2011: Thank you Andera for accepting my invite. :) Sounds awesome what you have experienced out there. I hope that more people will feel like this when they encounter with music.
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      Sep 27 2011: Andrea
      As this isn't healing, than what?
  • Sep 20 2011: Silvia
    I know I already sent some to this post. This is one that came the other day from someone special that literally moved me to tears. It heals my past and my future.

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      Sep 20 2011: Michael, I am very touched by this song. How fortunate you are that someone loves you this way! I wish you the greatest happiness!
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      Sep 20 2011: Oh, dear! I'm really blown away. :) It doesn't just heal it repairs all that's been ever broken ... So wonderful of you to share this with us. Many thanks.
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      Sep 20 2011: Ah, I'm amazed especially by that little guy doing the banjo thing there. :) So cute! And thanks for the reminder of Freddie ... I have no words to describe him!
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    Sep 20 2011: I had an interesting thought: Why don't we try to incorporate some new views on this topic: http://www.ted.com/conversations/5610/can_we_communicate_without_lan.html
    Just wanted to add two threads here that contain very interesting ideas in them. Feel free to share your thoughts on this and to add more threads or talks which can contribute to the idea that we are discussing.
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    Sep 20 2011: "Music is a healer" is right on.
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      Sep 20 2011: Can you share some music with us that you love? That would be great!
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        Sep 20 2011: Hi Silvia, I wish you realize that you just asked me to send you an ocean !!
        :-) :-)
        And the task of reducing it to just a few pieces is grave for me since I apply a wide variety of music, in different times and different dosages, to heal different conditions with.
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        Sep 21 2011: Hi Silvia, I am not sure that your writing above is at me. From your four suggestions above, I have a strong suspicion that you have the gift of reading my mind. Especially with Sade and Vivaldi. Right now I am really using this thread as a way of enriching my soul, I have been quietly enjoying bathing in all the music that others have posted here.

        Hi Debra, I am working on it :-)
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          Sep 21 2011: Hi Juliette, and yes my answer is to you. :) I'm very happy to learn that you enjoy this thread and believe me I'm enjoying it even more ... Sooooooooooo nice to share all this enrichment with others. As for my skills ... never been aware of them. :) Glad to be of service always!
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        Sep 22 2011: Thank you Silvia. I went back and re-read your words and I am feeling elated in gratitude - to be in such company.
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        Sep 22 2011: Thats just it. My top three rotate and are ever changing. This vocalization is a gentle UPlift.

        I wish I could have a better recording to send you.

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        Oct 3 2011: save the last dance for me.....I love all versions of this (exclude videos)

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          Oct 4 2011: Hi dear Juliette,
          I couldn't resist sharing this and I suspect you'll know the reason:

          Out there ...

          In a world where nothing else unites
          two burning hearts share toothy smiles.
          In a world where everything is grim
          the chance of meeting soul mates is slim.

          Yet here we are
          with our plastic drinks aside.
          Quite not so far
          whilst our passions coincide.

          Two total strangers
          soaring through the night.
          Two guardian angels
          make our destinies collide.

          What is poetry but music with words? :) Anyway, I thought you should know that I was thinking about the same thing to-night. It's not an English song but the heading and the message is the same: http://vbox7.com/play:384a1379
          Тhe chorus goes like this:
          Hey, save the last dance ... for me (3)
          Hey, save the last dance among cosmic light. :) Aren't we on the same track again, ha?
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        Oct 5 2011: Same place in time !! It is amazing !!